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    Jiji Maa

    Jiji Maa:
    Falguni shares the good news with Suyash and Niyati. She tells Niyati about the doctor’s words which changed her life. She dances with Niyati. Uttara gets happy that Falguni is gone and tries to console Suyash. Suyash asks her if she is joking with him, since Falguni is in the room. Uttara gets a big shock on seeing Falguni back. Uttara then makes a story about her bad dream. Falguni gets angry on Uttara. She gets back in confidence. She tells Uttara that she isn’t scared now, she knows that she can conceive and become a mother to complete Suyash’s family. Uttara gets moved knowing Falguni has learnt the truth. Falguni asks Uttara why does she hold so much bitterness for Suyash, whom she raised herself. She asks Uttara not to hurt Suyash. She challenges Uttara to be ready to welcome a grandchild. She tells that the child will be a sign of Uttara’s defeat. Uttara gets raging and challenges Falguni that she will never let Suyash and Falguni become parents. Falguni asks her to stop her evil before its loo late.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira gets worried and recollects Kartik’s bitterness. She feels its important to share the news with Kartik. She thinks she can’t hide Mansi’s truth from Kartik, since she doesn’t want to get blamed. Goenkas have inner conflicts about Mansi and Anmol’s alliance. Suwarna is against the alliance. Surekha asks her to call off Kirti’s marriage as well if she really hates Singhanias. She asks Suwarna why is she coming between Mansi’s marriage talks. Surekha and Suwarna have an argument. Dadi asks them to wait till Naira gives them an answer. Naira meets Kartik and tells him about Mansi’s pregnancy. He gets a big shock.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    The Bhallas discuss whom to choose between Roshni and the baby. Doctor tells them that Roshni’s state is getting critical and they have very less time to decide. Ishita tells the doctor that they have to save both, mum and child. Raman also wants Roshni to be fine. He worries for Roshni’s life. Mrs. Bhalla suggests that they should select the baby’s life as baby is more important for them. Ishita asks her how can she be so selfish to think for the heir, rather than the woman who is sacrificing her life to give them happiness. She makes Mrs. Bhalla realize her mistake.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Shil Aditya and Madhumali reach Pranali in time and save her. They stop Pranali from cutting off her hands. Shil Aditya asks Pranali why is she sacrificing her hands. Pranali tells him that she had to do this to save her Maling. Angad scolds Madhumali for threatening Pranali and pushing her to this limit. Shil Aditya asks them not to trouble his daughter. Madhumali asks him did he do duties of a father. She taunts him for reminding her duties. Angad asks Madhumali to get lost. Madhumali enjoys troubling them. Angad gets relieved that Pranali is safe. Shil Aditya doesn’t leave Pranali alone and takes her to the palace. Pranali tells him that she wants to talk to Angad.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Gajanan and Lali come home with Shukla. The family stays unhappy with Krishna. Krishna bears the taunts. She tries to tell them that she is leaving the house. She gets a wonderful surprise from her siblings, who come there to wish her on her birthday. Radhe gets happy that its Krishna’s birthday. He makes a request to Krishna and asks her to stay back at least till they celebrate her birthday. Krishna worries seeing the house situation and asks her family members to leave. Radhe asks Krishna not to disappoint anyone and cut the cake. Krishna unwillingly cuts the cake, which angers Shukla and his wife. Shukla decides to do something to settle scores with Krishna.


    Priyanka gets worried knowing Daksh has run away. She asks Obros where is Daksh, if they have hidden him and playing a prank. She asks them about Daksh again and again. She sheds tears and breaks down. Shivay feels Priyanka’s life will be ruined. He promises to get Daksh back. The media targets Oberois to know why the groom has fled. Anika wishes Shivay and Priyanka get strength to fight with the situation. She didn’t aim to defame the family by making Daksh flee. She can’t imagine what will happen next. She stays away from Shivay and watches his battle with the media. Reporters get a chance to taunt Shivay over the family’s secret. Shivay tells them that the marriage didn’t break, the marriage will take place when he gets Daksh back. He aims to find Daksh and get him back to the mandap so that the marriage rituals can complete on time. He can’t see Priyanka crying. He asks the security to throw out the reporters out.


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