Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi and Sikandar’s strong bond gets on verge

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Sikandar's big emotional let down

Sikandar gets crazy and tries to search for Kulfi. He loves Kulfi a lot but doesn’t know that Kulfi is a girl and his daughter. Sikandar and Mohendar try to get some help. They ask the people if they can help with some clues. The vendor helps them further when Sikandar apologizes for his rudeness and begs him to tell about the man who took away Kulfi in the car. Sikandar realizes Kulfi is kidnapped. He doesn’t know that Amyra has sent Kulfi away to get rid of her. He gets helpless that police isn’t doing anything to find missing Kulfi. Sikandar gets scared thinking of the dire consequences. Sikandar asks Lovely how can she take this matter lightly. Lovely tells him that police will find Kulfi, they should wait for the call. Sikandar gets restless.

He feels Kulfi is an orphan, and he owes a responsibility towards Kulfi. He feels sorry for Kulfi and feels he was careless and lost Kulfi forever. The servant tells them that the person who took Kulfi is a Christian, as he was swearing on Jesus. Sikandar tells Mohendar that Kulfi is kidnapped, as the Christian man can’t be Kulfi’s father since Kulfi is a Sardar.

He gets more worried knowing Kulfi is with a stranger. He gets hints about the church and tries to find the man. Amyra gets scared when she sees the police coming home. She feels guilty that Kulfi got kidnapped. Sikandar and Kulfi have a strong bond. He doesn’t know what to do and find Kulfi. He wants to find Kulfi at any cost.

Elsewhere, David locks up doors so that Kulfi doesn’t run away. Kulfi sings and dances with him. She shares her happiness with him, assuming him to be her father. David gets tired of dancing. He asks her to take some rest. She tells him that it was her dream to find her dad, she has come to Mumbai just to meet her dad. She expresses her happiness. Kulfi is cheated. David is helpless to keep Kulfi and tolerate her. Kulfi doubts on David as he can’t sing well. She recollects Nimrat’s words that her dad is a big singer. She thinks David can’t even sing properly, how can he be her dad. She gets heartbroken thinking its a big lie.

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