Shivika to expose Daksh

Ishqbaaz: Daksh to wickedly derange Shivay and Anika’s bond

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Shivay cries for Priyanka and thinks how she lost all her happiness. Daksh meets Shivay to seek forgiveness. Shivay gets angry on him for running away without thinking of Priyanka once. Daksh cooks up a story and puts the blame on Anika. He tells him that Anika has blackmailed him and made him break the marriage. He says I had to run away to save Priyanka’s happiness and Oberois’ respect since Anika was going to make your confession video viral and ruin your family. He tells Shivay that he was left with no option than to follow Anika’s instructions. Shivay gets Anika’s letter for Priyanka. Daksh doesn’t let Shivay believe the letter. He tells Shivay that Anika came here in disguise to get him. He reveals that Anika got obsessed for him and was ready to become his mistress when he denied to marry her.

He clarifies that he had run away from the mandap just for the sake of Priyanka, as Anika was scaring him about leaking the video. He tells Shivay that he has risked everything for Priyanka and her family. He manages to fool Shivay. Shivay believes him and doesn’t care for Anika’s letter, where she wrote about Payal and Daksh’s relation. Shivay gets angry thinking how Anika ruined his family’s happiness. Anika gets a happy surprise when Nikhil’s mum gives her the Shagun and accepts her as her bahu. Anika wants to become a good wife and keep her in-laws’ reputation. She doesn’t want anyone’s respect to get ruined. She gets happy receiving her shagun. Daksh tells Shivay that he had no idea about Priyanka’s accident when he came to know about it, he couldn’t help and had to come to see her. He sheds tears and convinces Shivay to believe his lie.

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Gauri makes Anika decked up as the bride. She gifts the gold chain to Anika and tells that she has bought the gift with her savings. Shivay allows Daksh to meet Priyanka. He asks Priyanka to come out of the coma, as he has got Daksh back. The doctor gives him a bad news that Priyanka may never recover completely, her state is critical. Shivay fears of losing Priyanka. Daksh blames Anika for this. Shivay tells Daksh that he will get Priyanka treated and make her fine.

Anika proceeds for her marriage with Nikhil. Daksh fills poison in his mind. He tells Shivay that Anika has ruined their life and now she is celebrating her happiness. He reveals that Anika is going to marry Nikhil. Shivay doesn’t want Anika to marry Nikhil and live a happy life. He reaches the venue and stops Anika and Nikhil’s wedding. Anika asks him why did he come. Shivay lies to everyone about their affair and taints her character. Anika denies to have any relation with him. Shivay asks Anika to come back in his life. He apologizes to her. Anika tells Nikhil that Shivay is lying for a purpose.

Shivay tells Nikhil that Anika is already been in a relationship with him. Anika asks Shivay the reason for his lie. She asks him why is he defaming her. Shivay takes revenge from her for breaking Priyanka’s marriage. He tells them that Anika wanted to break this marriage and summoned him to help her. He gets lying about their relation and puts Anika in trouble.

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