Fun facts about Mango – A fat-free fruit


The King of fruits “Mango” always cherish everyone by its delicious and smashing juices and pulps. Many people wait for the season to have a cup of mango pieces or its juice. But some people believe that consumption of mangoes may put on their weight. The fact is that mango is a fat-free fruit with many health benefits. Mangoes are rich in vitamins, fiber, potassium and lower cholesterol. It also helps in digestion. Here are few ways through which one can lose weight by indulging in eating their favorite sweet fruit.

Have in small quantities: Mangoes lowers the bad cholesterol and it is safe to eat it in small portions at a time. Don’t have mango juice instead consume finely chopped pieces. Avoid having Aamras as it will increase your calorie consumption.

Eat as an evening snack: Avoid it in morning and afternoon. Eat it in the evening as it will help you stay away from unhealthy food or snacks. While having a glass of mango juice, don’t add sugar or sweetener in your juice as it will increase your calorie intake resulting in weight gain.

A person can happily have their favorite fruit by keeping in mind about the calorie intake as well as seeking the ways of burning that extra calorie with exercise, proper diet plan and a regular walk.


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