Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala (PicFiction): Sikandar to finally track down Kulfi


Kulfi gets kidnapped by David. She falls in big danger when David threatens to hurt her. Sikandar is finding her everywhere. He reaches the place, suspecting David has hidden Kulfi there. He learns that David isn’t mentally fine. He worries that David can hurt Kulfi. Sikandar spies on the house to see Kulfi once. David tortures Kulfi. She falls helpless. She wants to go back to Sikandar. Sikandar checks David’s house. He gets police there. He doesn’t find David and Kulfi. He gets clues and senses that Kulfi was there in the house. He misses Kulfi. He thinks he will get Kulfi at the same house. Sikandar stays outside the house for one night. David finds Sikandar sleeping and hides Kulfi to take her away.

Sikandar fails to see Kulfi going with the kidnapper. When he wakes up, he finds the house locked. He washes up his face and rushes to find Kulfi. Some kids meet him. He hears them singing song and realizes that Kulfi has taught the song to them.

Kulfi runs away from David’s clutches. She sees Sikandar leaving in his car and shouts to him. David slaps Kulfi for running to Sikandar. He asks Kulfi to remain silent and cooperate with him. Sikandar then catches David and asks him where is Kulfi. He beats up David and demands an answer. David denies to know about Kulfi. Sikandar says you think I will believe you, Kulfi is my child and I want Kulfi back. He gets angered when David flees. Sikandar chases David to get him arrested by police. Sikandar tells the people that David is a child kidnapper. The people also beat up David. Sikandar says we shall call police and teach him a lesson. He drags David to the police station. Sikandar will finally find Kulfi.


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