Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Ishqbaaz: Shivika’s wedding to get coupled with rage and revenge

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Shivay doesn’t love Anika. He gets angry at her and tries to ruin her life by forcibly marrying Anika. Gauri gets angered when aunt tells her Shivay’s intentions to marry Anika and make her a mistress. Gauri asks her aunt not to tell anything such. Aunt tells Gauri that Anika didn’t have any sorrow over her broken marriage and went with Shivay, he is her lover and now the world knows this. She gets tainting Anika’s character further. Shivay manages to catch Anika. Anika tells him that she won’t marry him even if she dies. He calls up Gauri and blackmails Anika. He asks Gauri to come to the temple if she wants to find her sister. Gauri rushes to the temple to know what’s happening with Anika. Anika begs Shivay not to tell anything to Gauri. Shivay tells her that he will tell the entire truth to Gauri and give her a shock of her life. Anika asks Shivay not to reveal her mum’s truth to Gauri.

When Gauri reaches there and looks for Anika, Shivay asks Anika to better decide fast. He asks Anika to choose Gauri or her own happiness. He asks if she doesn’t love her sister. He gets Gauri’s call. He threatens Anika further. Anika stops him from answering the call and agrees to marry him. Gauri misses to see them inside the temple. She thinks someone is getting married in the temple. She then wonders if Anika could be there. She ends her negative thoughts and leaves from there. Shivay marries Anika by convincing her by blackmailing. When Anika opposes Shivay during the rituals, he lifts her in arms and takes the wedding rounds. Anika doesn’t cooperate with him. He makes sure that the wedding rituals get completed. Gauri worries for Anika. She goes to Oberoi mansion and meets Omkara.

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She reveals Shivay’s misdeed that Shivay broke Anika’s marriage and forcibly took her from the mandap. She tells him that she won’t spare Shivay if he hurts Anika. She asks Omkara to call up Shivay. Omkara receives a big shock. He tells her that he is also trying to find Shivay. He assures her that he will inform her about Anika when he gets to know anything. He asks her to go home. Gauri gets his assurance and leaves. Shivay fills sindoor in Anika’s hairline and puts the mangalsutra in her neck. Anika gets helpless to accept the new bond given by Shivay in a fit of rage and revenge. Shivay and Anika complete their marriage and then another shock come her way when Shivay decides to walk off by snatching all her rights.

Anika gets devastated when Shivay tells his decision that he won’t accept her as his wife ever, she isn’t related to him, she won’t get any status in his family, for the world, she will just remain his mistress. He tells her that no one has witnessed their marriage. Anika tells him that pandit ji got them married, he is the witness. Pandit ji changes his version on Shivay’s orders. He gets scared of Shivay’s madness. Anika tells Shivay that God is the witness of their marriage.

She asks Shivay why is he getting by ruining her life. She tells him that he will regret a lot for his mistake when the misunderstanding gets cleared. She tells Shivay that he has married her, and she doesn’t need any physical witness to state this to the world. She scolds him for denying the marriage. Shivay removes her mangalsutra to end the evidence of their marriage. Anika asks him how can he deny the truth in his own eyes, will he face himself after ruining someone’s life. He tells her that he just exacted revenge from her. He reprimands Anika for ruining Priyanka’s life. He turns heartless. He tells her that she will just be called his mistress. Anika gets shattered since she didn’t wish her marriage to happen this way. Anika and Shivay’s families learn about their marriage. Their reactions get dramatic.

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