Ishqbaaz: Shivay makes a outrageous move to marry Anika


Shivay breaks Anika’s marriage by revealing the shocking lies to Nikhil about their relation. Anika tells Nikhil that Shivay is lying to him about their relation. Shivay tells Nikhil that Anika is in love with him and so she has left her shagun ceremony for his sake. He reveals to Nikhil that Anika and he are very much in love and he has a proof for this as well. Shivay tells Nikhil that Anika was hiding in his house when Nikhil came in search of her. Anika asks Nikhil not to believe Shivay. Shivay calls him a big fool. He tells Nikhil that Anika was wearing his ring in her finger on the engagement day, as they got engaged that day. Anika asks Shivay not to mock her more. Shivay shows them the evidence against Anika, and publicly ruins her image. Nikhil gets much shocked seeing Shivika’s moments playing on the big screen, which happened coincidentally and unplanned. Shivay uses the evidence against Anika and asks her not to deny their love. He tells Nikhil that Anika loves him.

Nikhil tells Anika that her truth is out and he won’t believe her lie. He calls Anika characterless and leaves her in the mandap. Anika’s marriage breaks off. Anika cries seeing her dignity at stake because of Shivay. The people scold Anika for having such a bad character and staining her family name. Anika’s aunt gets angry on Anika on knowing her misdeeds. Anika tells Shivay that she didn’t do anything wrong. She demands him to tell her what mistake she did that he has defamed her and ruined her life. Shivay tells her that he will take her to show her mistake. Omkara and Rudra try to find out Shivay.

Shivay takes Anika to the hospital and shows Priyanka in the coma state. She gets a big shock knowing Priyanka met with an accident and now her survival chances are low. He tells Anika that all this happened because of her. He scolds Anika for backstabbing Priyanka and breaking her marriage, which resulted in Priyanka’s coma state. He tells Anika that she has defeated him completely. Anika tells Shivay that Daksh is wrong and she wanted to stop him from marrying Priyanka. She reveals about Payal’s pregnancy. Shivay calls Priyanka there to know if Anika is saying true. He asks Anika to get her statement verified. Anika meets Payal and asks her to tell Shivay about her pregnancy. Payal denies the matter in front of Anika, just because Daksh fooled her another time. Payal and Daksh get together to dupe the Oberois. Anika tells Shivay that Daksh might have threatened Payal to say this.

Shivay asks her to stop making stories about Daksh. He scolds Anika for playing games with Priyanka and him. She tells him that Daksh is the one who is playing evil games with them, he is dividing them to rule. Daksh lies that he just loves Priyanka. Doctor gives a shocking news to Shivay, that Priyanka can’t recover from coma ever. Shivay and Anika get a huge shock seeing Priyanka’s state. Anika informs Gauri about Priyanka. Shivay gets raging that Anika isn’t caring for Priyanka still. He drags her to the temple to marry her. Anika finds him mad. She asks Shivay why is he punishing her, when she is not at fault. She asks him not to force her for marriage.

She tells him that he broke her marriage in anger, but he can’t force her for marriage this way. Before Anika could run away, Shivay blackmails her about revealing her mum’s bitter truth to Gauri. He tells Anika that she has to pay for her mistakes, else he will ruin her sister’s life, just like she ruined his sister’s life. He tells her that marriage wasn’t a joke when she broke Priyanka’s marriage. Anika tells him that she won’t marry him. Shivay doesn’t let her run. He chases her to forcibly marry her. He takes the extreme step and convinces her by threatening her. Anika agrees to marry him. She gets a bigger shock when he denies the marriage after completing the rituals.


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