Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mahira and Zain to get married


Mahira gets Rihaan’s picture as the groom. She gets happy and comes for the marriage, thinking Zain is kidnapped and Rihaan is her groom now. Mahira then gets a big shock when she sees Zain behind the sehra. She gets caught in the big mess and unwillingly marries Zain. Mahira’s happiness get shattered. Madiha hugs Mahira and thanks her for agreeing to them. She cries happily. She is grateful to Mahira for not ruining their family respect. Mahira stays unhappy. She doesn’t love Zain. The families bond well and hug themselves to congratulate after the Nikaah completes. Mahira and Zain’s marriage finally happens.

Meher has kicked out Rihaan to get Mahira married to Zain and keep the family prestige. The family celebrates the happiness. Mahira gets sorrow stricken then her plans flopped. She blames Zain for ruining her dreams and happiness. Mahira cries for her love Rihaan. Everyone assumes that she is crying thinking of bidaai and leaving the family. Mahira gets a warm farewell from the family. Meher hugs Mahira. Mahira gets distant from Meher, knowing Meher is the villain of her love story. Mahira leaves her family with a heavy heart.

Majaaz permits Mariam to go to Lahore with Aayat. Majaaz also wants to go with Mariam and Aayat. Aayat doesn’t want Majaaz to come along. She plans to do something to stop Majaaz from accompanying them. Majaaz tells Madiha that he will be going with Mariam, and there is nothing to worry about. Madiha doesn’t trust Aayat and gets worried. Madiha fears to lose Mariam. Aayat wants to get Mariam for saving Jibraan’s life. After Mahira and Zain’s marriage, Aayat will be taking away Mariam with her.


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