Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's big surprise for Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa get together to solve the missing ring mystery

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Naira and Suwarna meet at the engagement function. Naira gets in the party and receives compliments from the guests. Naira saves Dadi’s reputation by coming in the party in time. The guests give much significance to Naira, which angers Suwarna. Naira gels in the family like never before. Suwarna can’t see Kartik and Naira together. Kirti performs Ghumar. Mansi tries to bring Naira and Kartik together. Kirti gets everyone for the dance. They celebrate as always.

Kirti imagines Kartik and Naira dancing together. She thinks they would have been such close and bonded if they were together. She feels Suwarna has done much wrong with the lovers, to separate them and ruin their love. Kirti’s dream soon ends when the reality strikes her. Kartik and Naira avoid each other. They don’t want to feel awkward. The manager finds just one ring in the box. He looks around and doesn’t get the ring. He then reveals Kartik that there is just a groom’s ring in the box.

Kartik suspects the manager first. The Manager tells him that he didn’t steal the ring. Kartik goes to ask Rukmani about the ring. He learns that Rukmani has no idea about the missing ring. He thinks to ask Naira about it, as she has decorated the box. He doubts on her intentions. He blames her for removing Mansi’s ring from the box as she didn’t wish him to gift the ring from Singhanias’ side. Naira tells him that she didn’t steal the ring. She scolds him for accusing her once again. He tells her that she is really pretending good and backstabbing him to take revenge for her insult. Naira tells him that maybe the ring dropped by mistake. Kartik doesn’t believe Naira.

She tells him that she will go home to find the ring. Suwarna finds Kartik missing from the party and worries. She tries to talk to Kartik. Dadi stops Suwarna for some work. Suwarna gets angry when she finds Naira missing from the party. She suspects Kartik and Naira to be together. Kartik and Naira rush to get the ring from Singhania house. Kirti tells Naksh that there is hope for Kartik and Naira to unite, they should make some plan to bring them together, they shouldn’t be scared of Suwarna all the time. Naksh feels this can’t be wrong for Naira. Kirti asks Naksh to give her a chance to try their luck. Naitik asks Naksh not to fight with Kirti for any matter.

Kartik and Naira set on the mission to get the missing ring. They leave on the bike, which Naira rides. Kartik gets scared when she speeds up the bike. Kartik takes the keys from her and tells her that he will ride the bike now. She takes the back seat. They have cute moments.

The ladies ask Suwarna about Kartik and Naira. They tell Suwarna that Naira really looks good with Kartik. Suwarna calls up Kartik to know about his whereabouts. Kartik tells Suwarna that he isn’t with Naira, he just came for some work. Suwarna worries further. Naira and Kartik try to find the ring in Naira’s room. Kartik doesn’t get the ring and scolds her for lying to him. He accuses her again and thinks she disappeared the ring intentionally. He then finds the ring fallen there. He realizes Naira was saying right. The drama gets higher when Rukmani learns that the ring is missing.

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