Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata: High-octane drama with Naira and Suwarna’s meet

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai spoilers

Naira finds it difficult to pretend happiness and keep up the broken relations. She shares her sorrow with Naitik. Dadi expects Naira to come home. Naira tells Naitik that she has a right to make her own choices, she can’t do the drama and mould herself for the sake of others’ happiness. Naitik tells her that he understands her, she won’t keep fake relations to satisfy anyone, she can’t live her life if she just spends her time thinking about others. Naira makes a decision that she won’t go to Goenka house. Kirti tells Goenkas that she has come to manage her responsibilities. Dadi and Kartik get angry knowing Naira isn’t coming. Kirti goes to help Mansi. Dadi tells Surekha that Naira should have come on her request. She gets upset and takes this as an insult.

The family insists Naira to come in the engagement. Naksh tells Naira that he will come to pick her if she changes her mind. Mansi invites Naira personally. Naira worries for Mansi, when the latter refuses to get engaged in Naira’s absence. Mansi tells Naira that she really needs her. Kartik tells Mansi that he is with her and will protect her from all odds, she doesn’t need Naira at all.

Singhanias grace the occasion. Dadi welcomes them. Dadi tells Surekha that Naira has sent Kirti to help them only to cover up her own mistakes. She doesn’t find Naira and get disappointed. Rukmani gets happy to get associated with Goenkas. Kartik thinks Naira has much ego, so she didn’t come home. Naira gathers courage and turns up at Goenka house. She recalls Suwarna’s words. She conquers over her fears and doesn’t let anything stop her. Naitik tells Manish that Naira decides to come in the ceremony so that she can keep up the family’s happiness. Manish gets surprised seeing Naira. He tells Naitik that they should try to unite Kartik and Naira. Naitik doesn’t want to force them. He tells Manish that they can’t hurt them by forcing them to get together.

Manish tells Naitik that they should plan something to end their distance without making them feel pressurized. Kartik gets to see Naira and falls in awe once again. Naira and Kartik have a sweet moment. He asks her not to pretend any feelings. She tells him that she won’t hope anything from him. She clears to him that she doesn’t need him now since she has moved on. Destiny binds them together once again. Naira enters the house with Kartik. She comes face to face to Suwarna, and gets worried of Suwarna’s reaction. Kartik fears for Suwarna’s anger and sorrow getting a raise. Suwarna keeps her calm for the sake of the family.


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