Sikandar to learn Kulfi’s big truth in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Sikandar to learn big truth

Sikandar rushes Kulfi to the hospital and worries for her. He gets dying thinking of the dire consequences if anything happens to Kulfi, who is like his own child. Sikandar gets distressed thinking about Kulfi’s recovery. He gets Lovely’s calls and avoids her, getting absorbed in his worries regarding Kulfi. Nurse asks Sikandar to complete the formalities and give his consent for the medical process. Sikandar signs the forms as Kulfi’s father, which is the real big truth of his life. Sikandar asks the doctor to treat Kulfi the best way possible. Doctor tells him that Kulfi is critical, but they are trying their best to save her life. Sikandar gets heartbroken and feels like losing a dear one. Media reaches there and troubles Sikandar with their questions.

The reporters ask Sikandar if he has done Kulfi’s accident. Sikandar asks them what do they think, he has got Kulfi to the hospital to save her. He requests them not to blame him and spare him in such a tense situation.

He just wants to save Kulfi. Sikandar loses hope about Kulfi. He cries out his pain. Lovely, Amyra, Mohander and Biji visit the hospital to know about Kulfi. Amyra gets angry seeing Sikandar’s tears for Kulfi. She says my dad doesn’t love me, I don’t want to talk to you. Sikandar says its nothing like that. She refuses to talk to him. She gets jealous of Kulfi. Sikandar wishes Kulfi gets fine. Doctor tells Sikandar that Kulfi is fine and will get conscious in some time. Sikandar gets grateful to the doctor. This turns out to be his dream. He wishes Kulfi comes back to him and hugs. Kulfi gets short of blood, after much bleeding. Sikandar gets ready to give her blood, being her father, even if their relation is not known to him. Sikandar gets his family’s support. Mohendar and Biji get dying of guilty, that they have hidden a big truth from Sikandar about Kulfi’s real family and roots. They have hidden the fact that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. Sikandar will learn Kulfi and his relation.

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