Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Bulbul to die or return as ghost?

Bulbul to alert Mandira of new threat

Mandira and Vijay come on a picnic. Mandira gets Bulbul with them to make her work as a servant. She wants Bulbul to die and prove that its an accident. Mandira and Bulbul have a fight. Mandira humiliates Bulbul to provoke Vijay. Vijay acts mad to scare Mandira and gets a knife. Mandira thinks to use this chance and trap him in his own plan. Bulbul comes to the jungle to save Vijay, but Mandira plays a plan that Vijay stabs Bulbul accidentally. Mandira pushes Vijay so that Bulbul gets stabbed by him.

Mandira kills Bulbul by using Vijay. After Bulbul gets stabbed, Vijay gets in shock. Vijay can’t believe that he has stabbed Bulbul accidentally. He feels lost in life. Vijay gets broken down. Mandira makes the perfect plan to get rid of Bulbul. Mandira injects Vijay to faint him. She then tells him that he has killed Bulbul. He gets mad thinking of his crime. She thinks once Bulbul is out of their lives, everything will be fine. Mandira drags Bulbul and takes her to the jungle. She buries Bulbul under the leaves. Mandira tries to get away, but Bulbul gets conscious and holds Mandira’s leg to stop her. Mandira gets rid of Bulbul and manages to run away. Will Bulbul die or will there be a ghostly track? Keep reading.

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