Sikandar to fight with fate for Kulfi’s sake in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Sikandar struggles to save Kulfi

Sikandar gets ready to fight with fate to get Kulfi back. Sikandar struggles to take Kulfi to the hospital. He can’t afford to lose Kulfi. On the other hand, Lovely tells Cutie that she is sure that Tevar won’t keep Minty happy. She doesn’t tell the reason. Cutie wonders what happened to Lovely. Sikandar barges into the hospital by avoiding the media. He fills the form and signs as Kulfi’s father. He feels bad and responsible for Kulfi’s accident. Reporters get the byte and think if Sikandar is responsible for Kulfi’s accident. They get troubling Sikandar. Doctors tell Sikandar that they can’t operate Kulfi, there are no surgeons available right now, he should better take Kulfi to another hospital.

Sikandar gets breaking. Tevar and Minty get engaged. Tevar tries to speak out the truth. He turns Lovely jealous. He bonds with Amyra, unknown that Amyra is his daughter. Cutie likes Tevar, as he has written his fate by himself. Sikandar argues with the doctors for not treating Kulfi. Kulfi gets in much pain.

Doctors tell Sikandar that they can lose Kulfi and also their medical degree if they attend her without the surgeon. Sikandar asks them to attempt to save Kulfi. He begs for help. Tevar gets into a moment with Lovely. He asks her to accept him back. He knows Lovely is affected by his engagement with Minty. He tells her that Sikandar doesn’t care for her and Amyra. A doctor agrees to operate Kulfi by Sikandar’s consent.

He takes the responsibility of the operation result. Doctor tells Sikandar that she will try her best to save Kulfi’s life. Cutie gets to see Lovely with Tevar, and wonders what’s happening between them. Doctor tells Sikandar that they have to make Kulfi sleep without giving her any sedative, as her condition is critical. Sikandar sings a soothing lullaby and puts Kulfi to sleep, while the doctors do her operation to save her life. They break the shocking news that they lost Kulfi. Sikandar denies to accept Kulfi’s death.

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