Tu Aashiqui (PicFiction): Pankti to learn Rangoli’s psychotic side

Rangoli plays wicked

Tu Aashiqui will have high drama in coming episodes. Pankti gets curious to know about Rangoli’s past. She gets into her search about Rangoli’s ex-boyfriend and the stalker Vicky. She hunts for the guy who was in Rangoli’s life before. She finally gets the address of Vivek and meets him to enquire about Rangoli. She asks him if he has really molested Rangoli as alleged by the latter. Vivek tells her that Rangoli was in a relationship with him, everything was going on smooth till she changed her mind and decided to move on with someone on. He reveals to Pankti that Rangoli is psychotic, she can’t love anyone and just gets obsessed with good looking guys. He tells Pankti how Rangoli accused him of molestation and publicly broke up with him, which ruined his career completely. Pankti believes his side of story.

She questions about Rangoli’s stalker. He tells her that his nickname is Vicky, but he isn’t stalking Rangoli. He proves his word by revealing a shocking truth about him, that he lost his legs in an accident.

He tells Pankti that everything got ruined in his life because of Rangoli’s madness. He regrets to had terms with Rangoli in the past. Pankti realizes that Rangoli is faking the stalker to get close to Ahaan. She worries that Ahaan is Rangoli’s next target. She doesn’t want Ahaan’s career to get ruined by Rangoli’s false accusations, since she knows Ahaan will never give up his love to accept Rangoli’s immoral demands. Pankti meets Ahaan and learns that they concert practice couldn’t take place because of Rangoli’s constant hindrance. Pankti gets a huge shock when she finds the concert posters design changed. She just sees Rangoli with Ahaan in the poster, and understands that Rangoli is throwing a big trap to separate Ahankti. Will Pankti be able to expose Rangoli in front of Ahaan? Keep reading.


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