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High Five Spoilers… Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely gets Sikandar’s gifted diary to Nimrat, which contains his songs. She gets moved when she learns that Kulfi is Nimrat’s daughter. She understands that Kulfi has come to the city to find her father, and still Kulfi is unaware that Sikandar is her father. She thinks of hiding this truth for the sake of Amyra. She can’t put her life at stake because of Kulfi. Kulfi misses Nimrat’s potli. Sikandar cheers her and promises to help her out in finding her father. He regrets a lot knowing her struggles in the city.

Mere Sai:
Sai shows his miracle once again. He wants to prove to the people that love can cure anyone. He cures an ill cow, who has stopped feeding her calf. Tulsa also helps Sai in looking after the cow. Sai fulfills everyone’s wishes and expresses the power of devotion. Tulsa witnesses Sai’s miracle. The cow gets cured and feeds its calf. The cow helps Tulsa out.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:


Shockingly, Deep turns bankrupt. The money lenders come home to ask for the money repayment. They get insulting Deep. They ask Deep to return their money. Deep asks them why did they come without intimation. The man tells Deep that the cheque bounced and this is the reason that he has come, he isn’t lying. Deep says this can’t happen, I have enough funds in my bank account. All the men complain the same thing and tell Deep that he tricked them by giving cheques when he didn’t wish to pay them.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira gets angry on Gayatri. She gets into an argument and throws things around. Vijay tries to calm down Mandira. Gayatri refuses to prepare food for Mandira. She says you asked Sadhna to prepare food, you have insulted me, I won’t help you. Mandira asks her to shut up, and do work if she wants to stay at home. She scolds Gayatri for applying mehendi on hands to get an excuse. She throws away the mehendi. Vijay asks Mandira not to misbehave with his family. Mandira doesn’t listen. Gayatri’s Teej gets spoiled. Mandira is frustrated as Bulbu’s spirit is troubling her. She wants everyone to give her priority in Teej. Vijay wants Mandira to get punished for her crimes. The family tries to expose Mandira.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

There will be a new entry of Ashi’s mum, who will bring much drama in Mansi and Anmol’s marriage and KaiRa’s life. Dadi gets angry knowing Rukmani’s lie about Mansi’s pregnancy, which lead to Naira’s pregnancy confusion. She tells everyone that she is calling off Mansi and Anmol’s marriage. She feels Rukmani can go to any extent for her greed if she can make children lie such a thing. She doesn’t want to alliance to form. Rukmani and Mohit request Dadi not to cancel the wedding for the sake of Mansi and Anmol’s happiness. Kartik and Naira worry that everything happened because of the confusion. They convince Dadi to let the marriage happen. The families meet again for the next marriage function. The women meet in the Mehendi function. Everyone sings and dances in the grand ceremony.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Mrs. Bhalla gets instigated by Parmeet and Simmi’s associated and falls in their evil trap. She gives up her goodness and agrees to feed the medicine given by the tantric to Ishita. She doesn’t think of the consequences even once. Mrs. Bhalla doesn’t suspect that the medicine has poison in it. She just assumes the medicine will remove Ishita’s bad influence in the family. She feels sorry to play with Ishita’s emotions. She feeds the poisoned milk to Ishita with love. Ishita consumes it as she blindly trusts Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita gets big time cheated.

Suraj ends ties with Chakor and blames her for Saanvi’s death. Gumaan provokes Suraj and asks him to react, instead bearing Chakor. Tejaswini says Gumaan is saying right, its Chakor’s mistake. Suraj also vents out his anger on Chakor. He forgets his limits in rage. Kasturi and Bhuvan feel bad for Chakor. She asks them to explain Suraj, she has also lost her child, she is also in pain. Suraj says our relation also ended with Saanvi’s death. Suraj shuts the door. Chakor pleads to him. Chakor says I will die without you, open the door, listen to me once. Chakor cries and decides never to return to Suraj’s life.

Kundali Bhagya:

Karan sees Preeta in the party and thinks he is imagining her. Preeta also thinks she is imagining Karan. Sameer asks Karan to accept his feelings of love for Preeta. Karan denies that he is in love with Preeta. Sameer tells him that its nonsense, its really love. Karan tells him that he is a free bird. Preeta is part of Karan’s cricket team, as she joins as physiotherapist. Destiny brings them together again and again. Karan misses Preeta a lot. He wishes to see her once. Preeta stops her mind from dreaming about Karan. Prithvi realizes Karan and Preeta are in love. He doesn’t want Preeta to declare her love for Karan and break their alliance. He plans to get Karan killed to make him out of Preeta’s life forever.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:
Vishesh and Kirti make a plan to nab the culprit. Kirti keeps Kanchan away from her phone, so that Kanchan doesn’t get threatened by the culprit. Vishesh asks Kirti to keep talking to the man to make the call duration longer, by which Jaggi can track the location of the caller. Vishesh rushes to the location informed by Jaggi to find the culprit. Jaggi gives him accurate details. Vishesh is sure to find the culprit and expose him. Vishesh manages to hide the entire matter from Kanchan. He doesn’t want anyone to spoil his wedding. Kanchan prepares for her Mehendi ceremony at home. Vishesh loses track of the culprit and stays disturbed.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Akhilesh meets the manager to get his wage for working as a waiter at Ira’s home. He doesn’t want to face Vallabh at the office. Ira happens to come there to pay the manager. The man tells Ira that she has paid more, he didn’t arrange the dancers for the party, since Vallabh cancelled the dancers with a plan to make Akhilesh dance for the guests. Akhilesh learns Vallabh’s truth and gets heartbroken. Ira tries to rush out and avoid Akhilesh. They both show hatred for each other. Ira doesn’t want Akhilesh to know that she has insulted him in the party with a motive to save him from Vallabh’s humiliating plan. Akhilesh gets a proof of Ira’s innocence and falls for her again.

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