Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar to break Kulfi’s truth to Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: 'Homeless' twist for Tevar-Kulfi

Lovely blackmails Mohendar to conceal Kullfi’s truth. Lovely feels Tevar really cares for her and Amyra, while Sikandar doesn’t care for her. Sikandar doesn’t understand Lovely’s insecurities. He doesn’t like Lovely and Amyra’s wrong doings. She knows that Sikandar doesn’t love her, but Tevar truly loves her, Tevar understands her and loves her even knowing her flaws. She will be choosing Tevar over Sikandar in the coming track. Sikandar and Kulfi will be seen celebrating their happiness. They sing at a concert together. Singer Sukhvinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and others will also grace the show for the concert special.

Sikandar is happy to perform with Kulfi for the first time. Tevar will bring the twists in the concert. Tevar adds his singing talents. He learns that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter and tries to meet Sikandar to break the truth to him. He wants Sikandar to end ties with Lovely and Amyra, and focus on his daughter Kulfi. Tevar aims to marry Lovely and get his daughter Amyra.

Tevar realizes that Sikandar will hate Lovely knowing about her big lie about Amyra’s father. He wants Sikandar and Lovely to get separated, so that Lovely has no option than to come back to her first love. Tevar madly loves Lovely. When Lovely stops him from breaking her truth to Sikandar, she tells him that Sikandar will never forgive her, and there won’t be anything left in her marriage to sustain it if Amyra’s link gets broken between them. Tevar tells her that he loves her a lot, and just struggled all his life’s precious years for the sake of her love. Tevar and Lovely have a huge argument over their past. Tevar confronts her for hiding about their child Amyra. Lovely asks Tevar not to ruin her world by revealing Kulfi’s truth. Tevar gets ready to do any fair and unfair thing to get Amyra. He proceeds to reach Sikandar on the stage and unite him with Kulfi.

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  1. Lovely is so cunning, I must tell u, whatever bad she does is always correct according to her, but if Sikandar does good work, she becomes furious, why lovely why, Tevar loves u really truly so why u r not accepting Tevar. I truly hate lovely.

    • People like lovely are clearly results of ignorant n bad upbringings. Hence even Amyra has turned so hateful towards Kulfi. It’s so disgraceful to see such people. Sikandar better leave her. What a shame in the name of high class families. Wives keep on hiding husbands lies n affairs just to maintain their family’s dignity. Yaak, Lovely’s parents are result of all such wrong doings.


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