Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi grieves over Parmeet’s truth

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Time for Simmi's big revelation

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Parmeet puts the entire blame on Simmi, which shocks her. Mr. Bhalla tells them that if Simmi can kill Ishita, she can kill anyone in the family. The entire Bhalla family disapprove Simmi. Ishita reminds Simmi that she has not killed Ananya, it was an accident, Pihu didn’t do anything intentionally and even then Simmi has sent her to remand home. They ask Simmi to open her eyes and see Parmeet’s truth, he is really evil. Parmeet tells them that Simmi wanted to take revenge for Ananya’s death, she hates Ishita and got this plan when she has seen baby crying in Ishita’s lap. He tells Simmi that he is ready to take the blame on himself. Simmi gets a big shock.

Mr. Bhalla beats Parmeet and tells him that he knows very well that Simmi is getting framed in the entire crime. Parmeet pushes Mr. Bhalla and raises a hand on Mrs. Bhalla as well. Simmi loses his cool and slaps Parmeet. She asks him how dare he raise hand on her parents. She scolds him for showing his true colours and harming her family.

Parmeet gets angry on Simmi and Raman, and asks them not to beat him further, else he will shoot them. Parmeet tells Raman that Simmi will also go jail with them. His enmity gets high. He makes an escape by pointing gun at them. Raman tells them that Parmeet’s statement is recorded and now he will get arrested for his crimes. He is happy that Simmi has seen Parmeet’s truth. Pihu asks everyone if anything happened at home. They all hide the matter from Pihu. Pihu asks them to drop her to the camp. Raman asks Ishita to get ready, they have to drop Pihu. They ask everyone to stay careful of Parmeet and accompany Simmi, who might be feeling lonely and cheated.

Simmi gets angry on herself for believing a disgusting man like Parmeet and going against her family. She sheds tears of repentance. Pihu asks Raman and Ishita to talk normally, why are they worried. They argue to show that everything is normal between them. Raman and Ishita recollect their memories and get happy. Parmeet follows them to kidnap Pihu. He wants to test Raman’s courage. The family worries for Simmi, who isolates herself. They don’t want Simmi to hurt herself in anger.

They give Simmi some time to deal with her sorrows. Raman and Ishita return home and get worried for Simmi. Ishita doesn’t want Simmi to shatter. She understands Simmi’s emotions. Raman finds Ishita a nice human being for thinking so much for Simmi, who always troubled her. He tells Ishita that they will make Simmi the old one, and not let her slip in depression. They both decide to support Simmi. Raman and Ishita try to meet Simmi. Simmi tells the family that she is going to police station to reveal Parmeet’s crimes and get him arrested. She wants to fight with Parmeet and stop him from harming her family. She apologizes to the family for worrying for her, despite her wrong doings. Raman and Ishita ask Simmi to go ahead, but they will come along with her. They forgive Simmi by all their heart and join her fight against Parmeet. Parmeet kidnaps Pihu from her camp. Raman and Ishita realize that Pihu is in danger.

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