Kulfi to earn Sikandar’s big promise in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Tevar and Sikandar's clash-claim for Kulfi next

Sikandar tells Lalwani that he won’t let Amyra sing at this age. Lalwani asks him to decide being Amyra’s father. Amyra meets Tevar. They both get sad and share their problems. Amyra tells him that Lovely has changed, she didn’t listen to her, she isn’t cool now. Tevar’s mood gets better on hearing her. He laughs and lightens her mood by asking her to obey Lovely. He wonders if Lovely lied to him about Amyra and if Amyra is really his daughter. Lovely asks Sikandar to sing with Amyra. Sikandar tells her that he won’t discuss this again, Amyra can’t cheat people by stealing someone’s voice. He wants to do justice with Kulfi. He tells Lovely that he wants to find Kulfi’s father first.

Lovely gets tensed and takes help from Mohendar to stop Sikandar. Sikandar doesn’t listen to anyone. He asks Kulfi about her native town and her parents. Kulfi tells him that she used to live in Chirauli. He tells her that he has old connection with that village, he will take her there and find her father. Lovely gets tensed.

Tevar meets Lovely and confronts her about lying to him about Amyra. She tells him that Amyra is Sikandar and her child. Tevar demands her just to tell the truth. When she keeps lying to him, he gets angry on him. She thinks both Sikandar and Tevar are trying to finish her life. Sikandar recollects Nimrat and sings a song in his painful phase. Lovely asks Sikandar not to go with Kulfi, since he shouldn’t meet Nimrat again. He tells her that he will go himself, else he will feel restless. He feels some strong bond with Kulfi. He wants to fulfill his responsibility for Kulfi. She confronts him about making Amyra feel insecure and lonely. She asks him what can he do for Amyra, why is he not concerned for them. She asks him not to compel Amyra for any wrong doing again, since Amyra is the one who has sent Kulfi with David. Sikandar rages and tries to ask Amyra about putting Kulfi in risk. He wants to scold Amyra.

She tells him that Amyra was compelled to do this because of his behavior. She asks him to punish himself for being a bad father. She asks him to talk to Amyra, and not go away from her. Sikandar sheds tears when Lovely warns him. Kulfi overhears Bebe’s talk about the concert. She thinks Sikandar should sing in the concert, else his career will suffer. Kulfi meets Sikandar and cheers him. She makes him promise that he will sing in the concert. She decides to go Chirauli after his concert. He gets in dilemma that he is not doing justice for her. He tells Kulfi that he can do anything for her. Kulfi gets touched with his emotions.

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