Piyaa Albela: Pooja to search for missing Naren

Pooja finds Naren

Naren is trapped inside a trunk. Angraj’s spirit doesn’t want Pooja to find Naren. He attacks the family members, by possessing Harish. Harish gets dangerous for the family. He attacks Supriya and his dad. Supriya and Neelima get bedridden after the attack. The saint tells Pooja that Supriya has given her the belongings to donate at the ashram. Pooja misses to see Naren inside the trunk. She tries to open the trunk on finding Naren’s cloth stuck in the door, but she gets stopped by Surbhi.

Surbhi tells her that Supriya’s state is getting worse. Pooja rushes to meet Supriya. Pooja gets cheated once again. She wants to find Naren some how. The saint asks Pooja not to create hurdles in his work. Pooja meets Danish and looks for some clues which can help her reach Naren.

Pooja gets the support of all the family members. Pooja will soon catch the real culprit behind Naren’s kidnapping. Pooja and the family catch Rahul’s dad red-handed during the crime. They find him secretly living in Vyas mansion’s basement. Rahul scolds his dad and feels ashamed of him. He asks how did he return from the mental asylum. He catches him and wants to get him arrested. Pooja calms down Rahul. She tells that she has to reach Naren and save him under any circumstances. Supriya begs Pooja to save her son. Pooja assures that she will get Naren home. She takes a big responsibility on her shoulders. She is hopeful to return Vyas’ family heir to them.


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