Tu Aashiqui: Pankti and Ahaan’s relationship to face a new storm

Tu Aashiqui lines up Ahankti's separation again

Rangoli reveals the footage of Monty and Poorva’s emotional meet and breaks Monty’s engagement with Kaira. She brings a new storm in Ahankti’s life. Richa knows the truth of Monty and Poorva’s relations. She doesn’t want Poorva to get after Vikram again. Kaira and Richa get insulting Poorva, which results in Monty’s love awakening. Monty takes a stand for Poorva and confesses his love to her. He tells them that Poorva also loves him and was sacrificing her love for the sake of Kaira’s happiness. It gets shocking for everyone when Monty calls off his engagement with Kaira. There comes a big twist when Richa gets blaming Poorva and Pankti. Vikram asks Richa not to have enmity for Poorva.

Vikram and Richa get into an argument. Richa threatens to throw Pankti out of the house. Pankti explains Ahaan that Poorva isn’t responsible for anything. Richa asks Pankti to have some shame and get out.

Vikram gets angry on Richa’s bad behavior. He says you have ruined everyone’s happiness by creating a scene in Kaira and Monty’s engagement. Richa decides to leave the house. Kaira gets worried with the drama in her engagement. She doesn’t know who is right and who is wrong. She asks Ahaan to confront Pankti, who supported her sister. She asks him to support her, Pankti has snatched her love to give it to Poorva. She asks Ahaan if he can snatch Monty from Poorva and get him back to her. She says much wrong has happened with me, if you don’t fulfill a brother’s responsibility, I won’t tie you any Rakhi. Ahaan gets a big shock with the bad happenings. He didn’t expect this drama to happen.


Rangoli stays back to support Ahaan, and acts as if she had no idea about this upcoming drama in the drama. Even Aparna fails to help Pankti. Pankti asks Aparna if she has lost her trust on Poorva and her. Aparna dislikes Poorva for becoming a reason for ruining her house peace. She stops Pankti from clarifying Poorva’s stance. Kaira’s marriage dreams with Monty shatter. She recollects the moments spent with Monty and cries. Ahaan understands her pain, and also knows that Pankti is also affected by everything. Pankti goes with Poorva to pacify her sorrow. Pankti realizes that Rangoli has created these complications. How will Pankti fix the broken relations? Keep reading.

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