Krishna Chali London: Shukla begins his secret conspiracy against Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna's help

Radhe waits for Krishna at the tuition class. He remembers that she will come to pick him. He goes out of the class after waiting for a long time. He spots Krishna at the coffee cafe. He wonders why did Krishna meet Prashant. Shukla is helping Prashant in winning Krishna. He asks Prashant to get Krishna’s attention when Radhe comes to see them at the cafe. Radhe sees Krishna taking care of Prashant. He gets mistaken that Krishna is still having a liking for Prashant. Shukla wants Radhe and Krishna to have problems, so that Krishna leaves the house and goes away from Radhe. Prashant also wants to get Krishna. Prashant and Shukla join hands against Krishna and Radhe’s love story.

The family gets worried when Radhe doesn’t come home on time at night. His mum gets crying for him when Matuk tells them that Radhe might have got kidnapped for any ransom, even Shukla is angry on Radhe and won’t pay any penny, we should better file the missing complaint. Gajanan and Triloki try to find Radhe. They come home and tell their mum that they didn’t find Radhe anywhere. Saajan also tells them that Radhe isn’t with him, he has no idea about Radhe. Matuk asks Shukla to file the police complaint, else Radhe may fall in deep trouble. He makes everyone more tensed. Krishna also worries for Radhe. Radhe gets drunk and comes home to vent out frustration in his family. He gets taunting and insulting everyone.

All his suppressed anger and annoyance gets high over his family. They get a shock seeing him drunk. Radhe also taunts Krishna over her loyalty and support. He asks her if he has come between her way of union with Prashant. He gets heartbroken that Krishna is also hurting him like his family does.

He is upset that everyone treats him like any furniture, he has no voice of his own. He tells Krishna that he has seen her having coffee with Prashant. He gets too angry on his wife. Radhe’s mum scolds Krishna for pushing her son to this extent. Everyone gets stunned with Radhe’s drunken chapter. Shukla also gets in shock with Radhe’s move. Shukla knows the matter that Krishna met Prashant for taking his help in Shukla’s business. He doesn’t tell anything to the family. He asks Krishna not to reveal his business problems to the family. He is aware of the reason behind Krishna and Prashant’s meet. Shukla is planning everything to make Krishna and Radhe’s lives spoiled. He is acting good to Krishna and fooling her. Shukla is behind the conspiracy.

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