Yeh Rishta: The dramatic ‘KaiRa’ divorce

Yeh Rishta: Twists amidst celebrations

Kartik and Naira find it tough to go for the divorce, as they never imagined to see this phase of their life. Mansi and Anmol get married in the presence of their families. Naira gets crying and stops herself from signing the papers. Even Kartik can’t get courage to sign the papers. The lawyers ask them to focus and sign on the right place on the papers. They get compelling KaiRa for the divorce proceedings. Rajshri reaches the court with Naksh and Kirti, but fail to get inside. Rajshri wishes that she stops the divorce on time. Kartik and Naira sign on the papers and try to hold on to their breaking heart. Naksh sees the guards busy and runs away to reach Kartik and Naira.

Kartik and Naira don’t wish to get divorced. Their long silence finally breaks. They both try to end their differences, but the lawyers take them to the judge’s chamber. Kartik and Naira tell the lawyers that they can take some time.

Lawyers ask them to answer the judge. Naira wants the proceedings to get postponed. She wishes that they aren’t called inside the judge’s chamber. Naksh gets caught. The guards make him out again. The entire family prays for Kartik and Naira’s union.

Lawyers understand that Kartik and Naira don’t want to get divorced. The fire alarm rings in the court, which makes everyone rush out of the court. Rajshri tells Naksh that she also wanted to ring the alarm so that Kartik and Naira stop their divorce proceedings.

Rajshri is hoping that Kartik and Naira didn’t sign the papers. Before Kartik and Naira could leave, the peon calls them back for their divorce hearing. Kartik and Naira don’t understand what destiny holds for them. They get silently weeping in their hearts and feel the pain of parting ways.

Mansi’s bidaai gets more painful for the family, since they have worries about Kartik and Naira’s divorce. Kirti informs the families that Kartik and Naira’s divorce didn’t happen. This brings a new hope in everyone. Rukmani tells them that Mansi is happily dancing with this good news. Rajshri tells them that she will lecture Kartik and Naira, and change their divorce decision. Kartik and Naira meet the judge. They hesitate to get divorced while their lawyers rush them further. Kartik and Naira try to stop their divorce, but their silence misleads the judge, who grants them the divorce. Kartik and Naira break down with their forever separation.

Goenkas and Singhanias wait for Kartik and Naira to return home together and reconcile. They aren’t aware that Kartik and Naira got divorce. Kartik tells the lawyers that judge granted the divorce in a haste, and didn’t ask about their consent. Naira tells the lawyers that she didn’t expect the divorce to happen so soon. Lawyers ask them to accept their mutual divorce, why are they objecting now when they applied for divorce. They congratulate KaiRa for their divorce. Rajshri waits for Kartik and Naira outside the court. She receives a shocking news of Kaira’s divorce. Kartik and Naira regret for their divorce and cry.


  1. Now i dont want them to unite they should get punished what ever they done with themselves before I thought that they should unite but now i am angry

  2. Now day by day this serial is getting bored because it’s too slow . Really same to same darma . Always Naira fail down.And always slow motion songs …😓😔😌


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