Pooja tries to find Naren

Piyaa Albela: Leap, drama and more surprises…

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Piyaa Albela takes a leap of six months. Satish and everyone get talking about Pooja. Kusum says I have always cursed her happiness, this time I won’t do this. Supriya cries. Harish consoles her. Pooja says its time for dance class, I have to go. Kusum says you won’t go, sit here. She does Pooja’s aarti. Dada ji, Supriya and others cry for Naren’s loss. Pooja asks shall I go now. Kusum says Satish’s friends are coming today. Pooja asks why shall I stay back. Satish asks her to be patient. Rachel comes. Naren’s family cries. Rahul apologizes and says I couldn’t become a good brother. Arjun comes and tells Harish that he will try to fill Naren’s place. Rahul gets angry. Harish hugs Arjun and says you and Rahul are my support now. Arjun promises to fix everything. Neelima says I feel like a loser today. Pooja sits talking and eats laddoos.

Satish says she has forgotten everything, but she knows Naren’s habits, doctor said when she got hit on her head, she has forgotten her past five years. Kusum says its not needed to remind her, Naren can’t come back now.

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Surbhi tells about Pooja’s remarriage. Dada ji says how long will we have our right on Pooja, Naren went away, Pooja has a long life ahead. Supriya says she is ours, we won’t have any right on her if she gets married to someone else. Harish explains her and says we will become her Maayka and give her a new chance to live life, I want to fulfill Naren’s wish. Surbhi says we regret that Pooja didn’t come to pay tribute to Naren. Rahul says she should settle down, this will be our compensation for her sorrow. Supriya agrees and says we shall go there.

Pooja meets the guests. Kusum hides Naren’s pic from her. Naren’s family comes to wish her for the alliance. Pooja gets some memory flashes. She greets them. Rahul comes and says this alliance won’t be fixed, we also worry for Pooja, this guy isn’t right for Pooja, these people are from Ranggali. Harish asks how can you be so sure. Surbhi says Rahul is right, and shows proof. Satish sends the guests. Dada ji, Harish ask Satish to send Pooja with them. Satish asks by what relation. Arjun comes and says she will go as bahu, its better that Pooja comes back to our house as my wife. Everyone gets shocked. Rahul gets angry.

Harish says its a big thing, think again. Arjun asks them to give him a chance, he will try to give happiness to Pooja. Supriya says this time we won’t give any reason to complain to Pooja. Satish agrees. Its night, Pooja dances. Rachel leaves Naren’s pic there and wishes that Pooja remembers everything. Satish stops her and takes the pic. Supriya asks Harsha to prepare everything. Harish says its a good sign that Pooja is coming back after so many months. Satish comes to awake Pooja at night. They go and see Naren and Angraj. She slaps Angraj. She sits near Naren and says we will return to our home soon.

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