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    Know Upcoming On Star Plus … Ishqbaaz: Anika meets Nikhil and tells him that she doesn’t love him, it was just friendship for her, she didn’t wish to turn down his proposal, but now she has understood what she wants in her life, she loves Shivay to whom she got married. She refuses to marry Nikhil and asks him to forgive her. He gets angry on mocking marriage. She reminds him that he also left her in the marriage mandap and mocked the marriage. He asks her if she is taking revenge now. She tells him that she has forgiven him, and now he should forgive her. She tells Nikhil that she will explain Shivay. Shivay meets Anika, who appears very cheerful. She stops him from calling Nikhil. She tells him that she has called off her marriage, since she is already married. She calls him Billu and teases him. She tells him that they shouldn’t have married that way, but since he has apologized, she has forgiven him. She asks him not to feel so guilty that he doesn’t realize he is doing wrong once again.

    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

    Lovely gets tensed to know if Tevar has learnt the truth. Cutie informs her that she will deal with the matter her way and get the desired results. Cutie bribes Nihalo for lying to Tevar that Kulfi is Lovely’s daughter. She scolds Nihalo when the latter gets questioning her about the wrong testimony. Lovely gets thankful that Cutie has done her work, and now Kulfi will be gone with Tevar. She wants both the thorns to get out of her way. Tevar returns from Chirauli and recalls Kulfi. He sheds tears and goes in search of her. He regrets that he didn’t do justice with Kulfi before. He wants to meet Kulfi and apologize to her. Sunidhi Chauhan performs in the concert, while Sikandar tries to change Amyra’s decision. Sikandar sheds tears since he doesn’t want to cheat his soul. He feels shattered that Amyra doesn’t believe him and his love.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Suwarna advises Kartik to move on in his life, as his behavior may hurt his family. Kartik doesn’t understand what to do. He gets confused over his divorce. Naksh and Kirti too get upset about Naira’s divorce. They decide to keep relatives away from Naira, so that Naira doesn’t get hurt. She gets angry on Kartik and Naira for not understanding others’ hopes and their own relation. Kirti wants Naksh to explain them. Naksh tells her that just time can explain them and make them realize their mistake. Suwarna prepares to get Kartik remarried. She wants Naira’s memories to be thrown out. Dadi asks Suwarna to take Naira’s belongings to Singhania house, and end all the anger on Naira now, since Naira is no more related to them.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Radhe and Krishna take care of Shukla. Krishna calls up Dubey and tells him to keep Prashant away from her life. Dubey agrees as he doesn’t want any problem in her life. Krishna and Radhe get happy that Shukla has forgiven them. Shukla acts good to them and makes them happy. Shukla then shows his true colors and gets angry on Krishna for making Radhe away from him. He wants to make Krishna away from Radhe. He doesn’t want to become any normal villain in Radhe and Krishna’s love story. He wants to become a hero for Radhe, so that Radhe chooses him over Krishna.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
    Parmeet doesn’t want Bhallas or Iyers to reach Raman and Ishita. He is against anyone helping the couple. He tries to reach the site before and divert them, so that Simmi and Pihu don’t get rescued. Thankfully, Raman passes the message to Ruhi that Simmi and Pihu have fallen inside the pit. Simmi and Pihu fall in bigger trouble when they face a dangerous snake inside the cave. Ishita and Raman try to save them. Raman loses Ishita when she accidentally falls inside the pit. She also rolls down and thinks its good that she can help Simmi and Pihu. Ishita gets their help call and learns about the snake. She attempts to save them, while Raman waits for any help to reach him on time.


    1. Ab to Lovly ki chaal ulti padne vali hai. Jaha tak mujhe lagta hain Tevar ko kuch jyda hi misunderstanding ho gai hai. Kulfi ko Sikander G se door karne ke chaakar mein vo khud hi phasne vali hai. Bahut maja ane vala hai. Eagerly waiting for……….


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