Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer to oppose family for Zara’s sake

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer to oppose family for Zara's sake

Kabeer and Zara celebrate Eid. When the guests question Kabeer about his divorce with Zara, Kabeer calls off the news saying its not true. This doubles Zara’s happiness. She is happy that Kabeer has realized his mistake. Kabeer wants to ensure Zara’s happiness. Later, Kabeer’s dad compels him to divorce Zara. Kabeer gets into an argument with him to defend Zara. His dad doesn’t want Zara to ruin their name further. Kabeer gets angry when his dad doesn’t understand his solution. He doesn’t want to ruin Zara’s life to protect his family respect. Kabeer’s dad asks him to realize that the people have messed up their house because of Zara, when there is no love between their relation, he should better end the relation. Kabeer tells his dad that Zara isn’t wrong, someone is blaming her for wrong, Zara didn’t kill Nilofer, she can never be a murderer, as she has risked her marriage for getting justice for Abida. He doesn’t want to upset his dad or Zara.

He will try to find a way and save his marriage, without upsetting his mum and dad. Kabeer’s mum understands his view point and supports him. His dad gets emotional and asks Kabeer to do anything he wants. Kabeer doesn’t think divorce could be a solution of any problem. He asks the family not to blame Zara for any mishap in their life. He knows that his dad is extremely hurt with the bad happenings in the house. He explains them that he can’t leave Zara, and will not do injustice with her. Kabeer’s dad asks him to either divorce Zara or leave his house, as its about their family respect now. Kabeer doesn’t want to leave his house and family.

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