Krishna Chali London: Krishna and Radhe’s cropping problems

Krishna Chali London: Radhe's shocking deed to dishearten Krishna

Krishna confronts Radhe for his arrogance. Radhe scolds her for being with Prashant and cheating him. They both get into an argument in the middle of the road. Prashant gets happy that Shukla’s idea is working. Krishna feels insulted by Radhe’s bad blames. She wonders what would be Radhe thinking about her, when he claims to truly love her. Radhe tells her that he always supported her and thought his dad is wrong, but now he can see clearly what she is upto. He suspects Krishna for the IT raid conducted at Shukla Nivaas. He asks her if she has joined hands with Prashant to take revenge on Shukla this way. He is much hurt as Shukla got beaten up by the officials.

He asks Krishna how can she stoop low and do the same thing with his family again. He has no idea that Shukla had hired the fake goons, who acted as IT officials. Radhe gets mistaken about Krishna. He asks her why is she just making excuses, whenever she meets Prashant.

He wants to know why is Prashant troubling them. He loses his temper. Radhe tells her that he has seen her close with Prashant, and today she was hugging Prashant, which can’t be tolerated. Prashant has wrong intentions, and does all the close moments to turn Radhe angry. Krishna doesn’t realize that Prashant is creating a rift between Radhe and her deliberately. Radhe walks away when Krishna fails to explain him. Krishna doesn’t tell him about Shukla’s business problems on Shukla’s request. She turns wrong in Radhe’s eyes. Krishna disappoints Radhe to the extent that he ousts her from his house. Krishna gets a huge shock with Radhe’s indifference. She gets heartbroken and leaves his house. Will she learn Shukla’s planning? Keep reading.

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