Ishqbaaz: Daksh strikes back; ACP Bhavya teams up with Shivay

Ishqbaaz: Daksh strikes back

Ishqbaaz: Daksh strikes back; ACP Bhavya teams up with Shivay Shivay acts alienated towards Anika once again. She wonders what happened to him all of a sudden. Daksh meets Nikhil and asks him if he is running away. Nikhil tells Daksh that Anika has broken their alliance, there isn’t any marriage happening now. Daksh gets insulting him and asks him if he is running away with the cash. Nikhil tells Daksh that Shivay had given him money for marriage expenses, but since Anika doesn’t want to marry him, he is happy with the money. He wants to leave the city. Daksh tells him that he wants Anika and revenge at any cost. He doesn’t let Nikhil go. Nikhil tells Daksh that he won’t support him in this. Daksh attacks him. Anika tries to talk to Shivay, but he makes a leave for office.

Anika understands that he is avoiding her. Nikhil asks Daksh to take revenge from Shivay and Anika, but spare his life. Daksh asks him to call Anika at his place, so that she gets trapped. Nikhil agrees to make the warning call to Anika. He calls Anika and asks her to reach him as soon as possible, as he needs to tell her something really important for Shivay and her relation.

Anika tries to reach Shivay and tell him about Nikhil, but he hurriedly leaves. He avoids Anika. He doesn’t want Anika to suffer in their forced marriage. He wants to end Anika’s hopes about their relation. Anika goes to meet Nikhil. Shivay stops midway and wonders what was she going to tell him that she was running after his car. Shivay feels bad to ignore her and returns home. She goes off to meet Nikhil. Shivay asks everyone about Anika. He gets worried when he doesn’t find Anika anywhere. Jhanvi tells him that Anika has left hurriedly. Gauri has no idea about Anika. She tells Shivay that Anika didn’t inform her. He tells her that he wanted to talk to Anika urgently. Anika reaches some place to meet Nikhil. She falls in Daksh’s deadly trap. She waits for Nikhil and calls him up.

She gets an ugly surprise from Daksh. He tells Anika that Nikhil was playing on his behalf. He shocks her and tells her that he has returned to strike back and seek revenge. He doesn’t want Anika to get spared. Daksh wants to kill her. Shivay gets worried for Anika when he finds her nuptial chain. Anika tries to escape out of Daksh’s clutches. Shivay gets scared for Anika’s life. He calls up Anika to know about her.

Anika fails to seek help from Shivay. Daksh tells her that he will take revenge from Shivay and her. Shivay senses she is in deep trouble. He then hears Daksh’s revengeful motives on the connected phone call. Shivay gets hint of the place and runs to save his lady love. Daksh scares Anika and tells her that he will first torture her and then kill. Shivay tracks the place with the help of police. ACP Bhavya is assigned for the task. She goes to assist Shivay and save Anika’s life. Daksh enjoys chasing Anika. Shivay regrets to not listen to Anika before and putting her life in danger. Daksh tells Anika that nobody can save her this time. Shivay and Bhavya race to save Anika from Daksh’s evil trap.

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