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High Five Spoilers… Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara and Kabeer face another problem. Zara finds a girl crying and asks about her mother. She unites the girl with her mother. Some people protest against Zara and pelt stones at her. Zara gets injured. She tries to run away and save her life. The men threaten Kabeer. Kabeer stops the men from hurting Zara. She reaches the hospital and finds the ward boy, who had given wrong testimony against her to the police. The ward boy runs away seeing her. Zara wants to catch him and prove her innocence.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Karan meets Ashi in a rush and tells her that he has grown insecure after hearing a shocking thing about Kartik and her marriage. He doesn’t want to lose Ashi. She is also in love with him, and considers Kartik just a good friend. She doesn’t realize what meaning Suwarna derived from their friendship. Karan upsets the Goenkas by his presence. Karan apologizes to Ashi for this drama. He says I have heard Suwarna and your mom talking, I m not lying, you can ask Suwarna about it. Devyaani asks Suwarna to tell everyone that she was matching Kartik and Ashi’s kundlis during Mansi and Anmol’s Sangeet.

There will be jail drama. Chakor gets Gumaan arrested. Gumaan’s sister gets him bailed out. When Anjor takes back the blames, Gumaan’s sister asks Chakor to sign the written apology. She asks Chakor to mention that she has just got Gumaan arrested to take out her revenge on him. She scolds Chakor and asks her to have some shame. Chakor tears the papers and refuses to sign any apology. Gumaan speaks bad about Chakor. He tells Chakor that Suraj has left her, as she is responsible for Saanvi’s death. Chakor doesn’t tolerate anything and slaps him. Gumaan gets Chakor arrested. He asks police constables to beat up Chakor. Chakor gets saved when the NGO workers come there and free her. She tells Gumaan that she has recorded everything by the spy cam. She says I knew this will definitely happen here and I was well prepared. She shocks Gumaan by her smartness once again. Chakor stays unharmed.

Krishna Chali London:
Radhe gets mistaken about Krishna and Prashant’s relation. He wonders if they are still in touch secretly. He didn’t imagine Krishna would lie to him for Prashant’s sake. He doesn’t know that Krishna is lying to him for Shukla’s sake. Krishna is keeping Shukla’s request and hiding the tax issues from Radhe, so that he doesn’t worry. She wants to handle everything herself until Radhe becomes educated and capable to handle Shukla’s business. Radhe gets drunk to sink his sorrow. His drunken state upsets the family. Krishna wants to know the reason for Radhe’s indifference.


Imli and Gumaan team up again. She tells him that she had to get him arrested to teach him a lesson and show her courage. She reveals her other intention of winning Chakor’s trust. She tells Gumaan that she has devised a plan by which Chakor and Anjor will be parting forever. She doesn’t want Chakor to know Anjor’s truth. Chakor and Anjor spend time like mother and daughter. Imli sends her goons to threaten Anjor, which makes the girl change her statement in front of the police. Gumaan gets freed of the charges because of Anjor’s withdrawal. This shocks Chakor, who wants to know the reason behind Anjor’s sudden move.

Shivay and Anika’s cute games go on. Anika gets proving to him that he cares for her. Anika gets upset when he avoids her. She waits for him to open up his heart and share his problems. Nikhil calls up Anika and tells her something disturbing about Shivay. He requests Anika to meet him once, so that he can alert her about Shivay and her enemies. Anika has no idea that Daksh, Nikhil and Tyagi have joined hands against Shivay. She still believes Nikhil and goes to meet him, in order to save Shivay. Shivay leaves for his office. She worries for his well being. On the other hand, Shivay gets worried on returning home and not finding Anika anywhere. He wonders where did Anika go and why. He thinks if Anika is testing his concern limits once again. He starts finding Anika.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai meets Aadhya and gets mistaken that she is his date. He gets flirting with her, which shocks her. She reacts and slaps him. He gets revengeful. The slap incident goes viral on the net. Jai feels humiliated that everyone in his radio station got to know about the slap chapter. Jai’s dad asks him about Aadhya and the misunderstanding, why the girl slapped him, if she disliked him on the date. Jai gets raging over Aadhya. He wishes to see her once so that he can take revenge. Jai participates in a fun fest at the shopping mall. Being the cool and happening RJ, he is asked to play a game and propose the first girl entering the mall. Aadhya enters the mall surprisingly. Jai ends up proposing her. She gets mistaken about him again.

Vivaan’s sister Amaya gets fine. She breaks out of the coma state by Vivaan’s emotional lecture. She ties him a Rakhi. He gets emotional with her recovery. Meera and Dolly also bless her and are happy that Vivaan got his sister back. Vivaan tells his sister that he is sorry for everything and will never let her go away.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:Ishita and Raman get hopeful when the rescue team tries to reach them. The officials drill the rock and make an opening to reach out to them and communicate. Ishita tells them that Raman is really in a bad state because of his bullet injury, he needs immediate medical attention to survive. She worries when his pulse gets dropping. The family tells Ishita that they all are on toes to rescue them. They give an assurance that everything will get fine. Parmeet wants Raman and Ishita to die at any cost. He takes a disguise of a rescue team official and goes ahead to blast a dynamite, when the dynamite plan of action was cancelled for Raman and Ishita’s safety.


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