Udaan: Imli plots to break Chakor-Anjor’s bonding

Udaan: Imli to claim her positive entry

There will be jail drama. Chakor gets Gumaan arrested. Gumaan’s sister gets him bailed out. When Anjor takes back the blames, Gumaan’s sister asks Chakor to sign the written apology. She asks Chakor to mention that she has just got Gumaan arrested to take out her revenge on him. She scolds Chakor and asks her to have some shame. Chakor tears the papers and refuses to sign any apology. Gumaan speaks bad about Chakor. He tells Chakor that Suraj has left her, as she is responsible for Saanvi’s death. Chakor doesn’t tolerate anything and slaps him. Gumaan gets Chakor arrested. He asks police constables to beat up Chakor. Chakor gets saved when the NGO workers come there and free her. She tells Gumaan that she has recorded everything by the spy cam. She says I knew this will definitely happen here and I was well prepared. She shocks Gumaan by her smartness once again. Chakor stays unharmed. Imli plots to make Chakor and Anjor away.

She brings rifts between them. Keshu threatens Anjor about Sugna. He tells Anjor that he will kill Sugna if she doesn’t do as he tells her. Imli makes Keshu teach wrong things to Anjor. Anjor is helpless to obey him in order to save Sugna. Chakor tries to get answers from Anjor, but sees her different side. Anjor shows her new costly shoes to the villagers. She talks with pride and insults the villagers as well. She tells them that she can give the shoes on rent.

Chakor can’t believe Anjor’s shocking side, filled with pride and ego. Anjor asks Chakor when did she come. Chakor had given her the shoes. Chakor gets heartbroken by hearing bitter things from Anjor. Anjor says there is no use of your education, since I have fooled you already. He mocks Chakor and asks her to accept that Anjor is most clever in Aazaadgunj. Anjor insults Chakor publicly and angers her to the core that Chakor slaps her. Anjor asks Chakor to stop interfering in her life.

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