Jiji Maa: Uttara vows to return for revenge

Jiji Maa: Uttara vows to return for revenge

Jiji Maa: Uttara vows to return for revenge… Vidhaan expresses his grief over Uttara’s evil truth. He ends ties with her and tells her that she didn’t stay loyal to any of her relations, she can’t be a mother. She scolds him for leaving his mother for a stepbrother. He tells her that Suyash is everything for him, since Suyash is an ideal and true brother. He gets Uttara arrested. Uttara tells Falguni that she will come back for revenge. Shreya apologizes to them for her lies. She meets Chiku and tells her that Falguni is a nice person and will take care of her. She promises to come back to Chiku after serving the punishment. Uttara wants to give it back to Falguni. The family shatters with Uttara’s truth. Suyash can’t believe that Uttara had hatred for him, his love wasn’t enough to melt Uttara’s heart.

Falguni tells him that Uttara has no humanity. He apologizes to Falguni for always doubting on her because of Uttara. Falguni doesn’t think he is at any fault. Vidhaan removes Uttara from family pictures. He vents out his anger and cries. He feels he is also Suyash’s culprit, as his mother has done all the crimes for his sake.


Vidhaan feels guilty. Suyash meets Vidhaan and asks him not to isolate himself. The brothers bond like before. Suyash and Falguni look after Chiku and then send her with her dad. Everyone miss Uttara at home, but are happy that her evil got away from the family. Jayant tells them that Uttara has to pay for her crimes. Niyati gets to know about Raksha Bandhan festive. She reminds Falguni about their old celebrations. They regret that they can’t celebrate this time, because of the house’s current sorrow. Falguni asks her to think for others and postpone celebrations. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Jayant and Suyash ask them to celebrate happiness, as its their right.

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