Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra takes an impulsive decision

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra takes an impulsive decision

Kulfi wants to know the truth of her father. Sikandar consoles her and tells her that truth will always finds it way out and reach her. He asks her to be happy as they have sung together on the stage today. He feels proud of her. He asks her to forget everything and sleep. Mohendar asks Lovely about Tevar’s claim. Lovely lies to him about her relation with Tevar. She tells him that Sikandar will break Amyra’s heart and she has to stop this, Kulfi can go from this house and get a better life. She doesn’t want Amyra to face troubles. She threatens Mohendar about Amyra again. He wishes Kulfi gets her rights. Lovely succeeds to control Mohendar. She gets a big shock when she learns that Sikandar is opting for a DNA test for Kulfi and Tevar. She gets worried that Sikandar and Tevar will know the truth about Kulfi and not spare her.

Tevar’s Master tells him to win Kulfi’s heart, if he misbehaves with Sikandar, Kulfi will not accept him. Tevar tells Minty that Kulfi is his daughter and he doesn’t need to explain anything to her. He breaks off his engagement with Minty. He just wants Kulfi. Kulfi finds Bebe upset and wants to know the reason. She tells Bebe that truth will come out some day, Sikandar will solve the problems at once. She shows her belief in Sikandar. Tevar is determined to get Kulfi with or without any proof. Kulfi wishes that the truth about her father comes out. Mohendar tells Tevar that Lovely is lying about Kulfi, who isn’t his daughter. He tells that Lovely is doing everything for Amyra, by snatching Kulfi’s rights. He doesn’t tell him the entire truth. Tevar tells Mohendar that he has sworn to get his daughter home. Mohendar feels Kulfi is becoming a victim.

Bebe sees Tevar happily preparing to welcome Kulfi. She doesn’t want Lovely to play with Kulfi’s life. Bebe happens to see Amyra sleeping in the lawn. Amyra tells her how Sikandar and Lovely left her because of Kulfi. She expresses her sorrow. Bebe understands her sorrows. Sikandar tells the truth about the DNA test. Mohendar tells him that its not needed. Bebe gets Amyra home. They realize their mistake of forgetting Amyra during the whole drama. Amyra didn’t expect Lovely to behave such. Bebe tells them that they didn’t realize that Amyra isn’t at home. Sikandar apologizes to Amyra.

Amyra tells him that she knows he wanted Kulfi to sing with him. She scolds her parents for their careless attitude. She gets angry and frustrated. Lovely was busy in fighting for Amyra’s future. She apologizes to Amyra. Amyra tells them that she will leave the house. Kulfi apologizes to Amyra. Cutie gets upset on Lovely for her negligence. She asks Amyra to come with her. Sikandar begs Amyra not to leave. Amyra doesn’t forgive him and asks him to just love Kulfi. Amyra leaves the house with Cutie.

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