TR’s Don’t Miss Out Reminders

Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

TR’s Don’t Miss Out Reminders… Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil gets drunk and comes to Vedika’s house. He calls her a big cheat and hits his head on the gate. He feels Vedika has ruined his love. He vents out his frustration. She asks him to stop the drama. Sahil expresses his hatred for Vedika. But, he also tells her that he loves her. His real emotions come out. He recollects their old days. He couldn’t stop himself from meeting Vedika. Vedika gets worried for him. Vedika drops him home. She asks Bhoomi to take care of Sahil. Bhoomi fears that she will lose Sahil. She doesn’t want Vedika to break her marriage. She asks Vedika not to hurt Sahil’s heart and stay away.

Vivaan and Meera get engaged again. They exchange grass rings and make their moment special. They don’t want to marry anyone else. They aren’t afraid of families or society. They want to live their life on their terms, with each other. Meera goes for her engagement with Sunny, and fakes it by wearing the ring in the wrong finger. Vivaan also tricks Silky by showing her injured finger. Vivaan also fakes engagement with Silky. Meera and Vivaan can’t live without each other. They both are compelled by their families. They try to lessen their sorrow by showing belief in each other. Sunny wants to take revenge from Vivaan. He adds up problems for Vivaan because of old enmity. He is determined to not let Meera and Vivaan unite. He wants to ruin Vivaan’s life.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Tanu learns that Kiara is the murder witness. Robin informs Tanu. Pragya doesn’t want Kiara to become the witness. She tells King that she wants to keep Kiara away from this mess, she is a little kid and is already facing trauma. She tells him that Kiara shouldn’t meet the police. King understands Pragya’s concern and agrees with her. He then playfully sings and cheers up Pragya. They share a moment. King wants to protect Pragya and Kiara. King thinks Pragya is protecting Abhi. Aaliya dislikes the fact that Abhi is going to meet Pragya. She feels Pragya is really unlucky for them. Abhi gets angry and can’t hear a word against Pragya. He demands an apology from Aaliya.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik and Naira realize what they have lost in their lives. They recollect their life’s beautiful moments and stay happy. A new friendship starts between Kartik and Naira. Though they share constant silent stares, they realize that they are meant for each other. Suwarna gets upset with Kartik and Naira’s rebonding. She wants Kartik to marry Ashi, to which Kartik refuses. Even Ashi refuses to marry Kartik. The Goenka family doesn’t show any interest in Kartik’s remarriage.


Roop celebrates Raksha Bandhan with Himani by opposing Shamsher. Shamsher doesn’t want Himani to come home, but Roop gets her home. Ranveer tries to stop Roop. Roop doesn’t listen to anyone and does a brother’s duty. He ensures Himani’s happiness. Shamsher creates a hurdle in the celebrations. Roop doesn’t deter and makes Himani tie Rakhi to him. He doesn’t want anyone to snatch Himani’s rights.



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