Udaan: Anjor to get Chakor arrested

Udaan: Chakor to help Anjor sketch her flight

Udaan: Anjor to get Chakor arrested… Keshu threatens Sugna and Anjor. He tells Anjor that he will beat Sugna if she doesn’t withdraw the case. Anjor gets helpless because of her mother. She goes to police station and tells the inspector that she was forced to file the wrong report by Chakor. She withdraws all the blames on Imli’s orders. Chakor gets a huge shock when Anjor lies. Gumaan gets freed. Gumaan and Imli agree for the equal partnership, so that Suraj and Chakor always stay away from Aazaadgunj. Imli wants Chakor to stay away from Anjor forever. She is sure that Chakor will hate Anjor after this lie. Chakor regrets to trust Anjor before. She tells Anjor that she was seeing her daughter Saanvi in her, but she was wrong to expect much from her. She gets angry on Anjor, when the latter insults her publicly.

Chakor asks Anjor about her parents, who are teaching her to lie. Anjor calls Chakor a liar. Chakor angrily slaps her. Gumaan and his sister Vaani try to frame Chakor in the wrong accusations. Vaani takes revenge by believing Gumaan. She doesn’t know about Gumaan’s illegal activities. Gumaan tells Vaani that Chakor kidnapped Anjor and framed him in the act.

Gumaan wants to give it back to Chakor and insult her, as she has insulted him. He wants to seek revenge by dividing Chakor and Anjor. Chakor tells Kasturi that she is heartbroken once again, she doesn’t want to live in Aazaadgunj. She gets a bad shock when police arrives her home to arrest her for kidnapping Anjor. Kasturi tells police that Chakor has bravely saved Anjor’s life from the goons, she didn’t commit any sin.

Chakor challenges them that she will find the truth at any cost and expose Gumaan in front of the villagers. Chakor gets arrested, while Imli and Gumaan succeed to make Chakor and Anjor distant. Kasturi, Bhuvan and entire villagers get a shock with Chakor’s arrest. They can’t believe that Anjor cheated Chakor. Chakor will save herself from the wrong blames by her smartness. Anjor feels bad and goes to a corner to shed tears for cheating Chakor. Anjor rushes to the temple and prays for Chakor. She wants Chakor to get released from the jail. Imli continues to pressurize Anjor’s parents to have Anjor in her control.

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