TR’s Don’t Miss Out Reminders

Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

TR’s Don’t Miss Out Reminders… Bepannaah:
Aditya and Arshad have a Matki breaking competition. Zoya witnesses their big competition during Janmashtami celebrations. They see Radha-Krishna skit played by little kids. Aditya imagines Zoya with him. He wants to confess his feelings to Zoya, and waits for the right time, when Arshad doesn’t intervene. Arshad wins the competition and breaks the Matki. He gets hurt by the glass pieces. He falls down the pyramid. Everyone worries for Arshad. Wasim gets upset with Zoya, when she refuses to marry Arshad. Zoya sticks to her decision. Aditya and Zoya support the NGO kids, who dance and entertain everyone in the function.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara will be showing dying in the blast track. Post Zara’s death, Kabeer and Ruksar will be getting married. Zara will be making a re-entry during Kabeer and Ruksar’s marriage and stop his second marriage.


Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta spot Monisha on the road and try to get help from Shrishti so that they can catch Monisha and prove Karan’s innocent. Karan tells everything about that night to the lawyer. He asks her not to get Monisha’s name in between, as that can defame her. Prithvi gets upset with Sherlyn for doubting on him. He lies to her that he loves her. He cheats Sherlyn as well.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe’s arguments get high. They get fighting for everything. She asks him for some money. He refuses to help her. She tells him that she can take money on her own. He asks why will I pay for your work. She says I m your wife, you have to help me, I m also working for your dad. She reminds him what she told him before. Radhe gets quiet. She gets money from the locker and goes.

Kaleerein: Amar prepones Meera and Sunny’s marriage. Amar gets happy that Meera is finally moving on. He doesn’t want Meera to waste her life after Vivaan. Amar has lost his belief in Vivaan. Meera isn’t aware of Vivaan and Sunny’s fight. Vivaan learns Sunny’s evil intentions. He scolds Sunny for cheating Meera on the name of friendship. Sunny gets his goons and kidnaps Vivaan. Vivaan fights with the goons to make an entry in the marriage. Vivaan exposes Sunny and wants him to tell everyone about his truth. Sunny threatens Vivaan that he will kill himself, and gets the gun from Vivaan.

Nandini gets Kunal’s love. She doesn’t realize that its wrong that she is having an affair with him. She has always longed for true love. She doesn’t care for anything. Kunal wishes Nandini for Janmashtami. He messages her that he is looking forward to meet her. Nandini gets happy. She stops thinking about deceiving Mauli again. She doesn’t realize that she will be losing Mauli’s precious friendship because of her growing bond with Kunal.

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