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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

High Five Spoilers… Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and his friends try to nab the ward boy to get the truth out of him. Kabeer is determined to prove Zara innocent. Kabeer finally catches the ward boy. He gets a big shock on finding him stabbed. He rushes him for immediate aid. Kabeer knows that Zara will be blamed once again for this murder, since Zara and Reema were present there. All the evidences get against Zara. Kabeer tries to save her. He consoles her.

Papa By Chance:

Yuvaan decides to stay at the old house, which was bought by his dad and gifted to his friend Baldev many years ago. He meets Amrit. While he tries to explain his homeless situation to her, he ends up arguing. He tells her that he also has a right on the house, as his dad gifted the house to her dad. Amrit tells him that she can just give him the permission to live with them, but they will not tolerate the kids. The kids argue with Yuvaan, and scold him for leaving them alone. Amrit asks them to shut up. She dislikes the kids. She tells Yuvaan that if he is planning to live with the kids, he won’t succeed, they will never share the house with many people. Yuvaan gets insulted because of his mom.

Silsila: Kunal stops Nandini from leaving the city. He gets her back to her home. He keeps her bags back in the room. She gets busy in cleaning some crockery to end their awkwardness. Kunal watches her and calls her out. He tells her that he can’t live without her. Kunal expresses his feelings for Nandini. He opens arms for Nandini. He pacifies her. Nandini hugs Kunal and gets drawn to him. They feel complete in each other’s company. Kunal tells her that their emotions aren’t wrong. He serves her breakfast. He makes tea for her. She gets delighted by Kunal’s love confession. Their hearts and ways meet. She accepts his love. They vow to support each other. They don’t think for Mauli for a while. Kunal welcomes Nandini in his life. She also forgets her fears and decides not to make Kunal away. Nandini makes kheer for her. They share a moment. He cheers her up. He asks her not to think again of going away from him.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika learns that she had given birth to a baby boy. It gets difficult for her to accept this truth, since she is raising Sadika since years. She feels she has given birth to Sadika. She breaks down knowing someone has cheated her by swapping the babies. Sahil and Vedika meet again and have a deal. Vedika doesn’t believe Sahil’s deed. Sahil makes her sign on the legal papers. He doesn’t want Vedika to claim Arya. He wants to break all relations with Vedika to avoid all problems. She knows Sahil will take care of Arya well. She wants Arya to forgive her.

Kaleerein: Vivaan and Meera have an argument with the family. Silky creates a drama and gets Meera questioned by Amar. Silky tells them that Meera was romancing with Vivaan secretly. She can’t take it anymore. She asks Amar to control his daughter. She knows Amar will help her in separating Vivaan and Meera. Amar asks Meera if Silky is saying truth. He gets upset that Meera is still cheating them. Meera admits that she loves Vivaan. Amar prepones the marriage. He tells Meera that Sunny will marry her the next day. He leaves Vivaan’s marriage decision on Vivaan and Silky to decide.

Udaan:Anjor feels bad when she sees Chakor arrested. She wants to help Chakor. She meets Sugna and tells her that she is feeling really terrible after seeing Chakor arrested. She wants to find some solution to free Chakor and tell her the truth. She tells Sugna that Chakor is a good person and will help her. Sugna cries and tries to commit suicide. Anjor saves Sugna and asks her never to put her life in danger. Keshu tells Anjor that Sugna will be dying if she goes against Gumaan. Imli visits Anjor. Anjor tells Imli whatever Keshu has done.

Jiji Maa: Uttara has begun the death game to kill Falguni. She gets caught by the family members. Niyati protects Falguni. Uttara escapes from the police and family. She reaches the end of the cliff. She is left with no option than to surrender. She snatches the gun from the police inspector and points out at Falguni. Vidhaan saves Falguni from Uttara’s clutches. He asks Uttara to kill him, since he is ashamed to be called her son. He tells her that he would like to die better than being called a son of a criminal. She gets a huge shock by Vidhaan’s hatred. She steps back and doesn’t realize the end of the cliff. She accepts her defeat to Falguni. She falls down and loses her life. Everyone bears the shock.

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