Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman’s plight to shock Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman's plight to shock Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman’s plight to shock Bhallas… Ishita tells the family that Raman should take good rest post the surgery. The family elders pray for Raman’s fast recovery. Everyone gets happy on meeting Romi. He shares their sorrow. He assures them that everything will get fine. He hides that he has gone to met Parmeet. Bhallas want to meet Raman and stay with him. Ishita is sent to take rest. Simmi feels guilty that Raman is suffering because of her and Parmeet. She apologizes to Romi. She tells him that she is responsible for everyone. He asks her not to feel guilty. He is happy that he got his loving sister back. He tells her that he has forgiven her, as she isn’t guilty of Parmeet’s crimes.

Raman tries to help himself and falls down the bed. He shouts to Ishita and gets medical attention immediately. Ishita and family rush to Raman to know about his suffering. Raman tells them that he isn’t able to feel his leg. Ishita gets a big shock when the doctor tells them that Raman might be paralyzed. Raman tells them that he can’t be paralyzed, his life will be ruined if this happens.

Ishita asks him to calm down, as this can be a side-effect of anesthesia. Raman turns aggressive and asks everyone to leave from his sight. He suffers alone. The family can’t bear this shocking thing that Raman won’t be able to walk again. Seeing the family crying, Ishita asks them not to reach to any conclusions. Doctor tells them that they will send Raman for tests and know the solution for the setback. Ishita asks them not to pity Raman, as this will worse his emotional trauma. She asks the family members not to make things difficult for Raman. Raman hits himself and gets angry that he isn’t feeling any sensation. Ishita sheds tears alone and tries to act strong in front of Raman. She is hopeful that Raman will recover. Simmi meets Parmeet in the jail and vents out anger on him. She tells him that Raman is battling with death just because of him.

She gets attacking Parmeet, while police stops her. After Raman is taken for tests, the family prays for some good news. Doctor breaks the bad news to Ishita, that Raman is paralyzed and won’t be able to walk because of his spinal cord injury. Ishita doesn’t understand how could this happen. Doctor tells her that the spinal cord is injured because of the blast impact. She gets blaming Rajat for not operating Raman the right way. Doctor tells her that she can’t blame Rajat, since Rajat is the one who has saved Raman’s life. She apologizes to him. Simmi and Romi mourn for Raman’s suffering.

Simmi wants to get punished as she has also supported Parmeet in his misdeeds. Romi tells Simmi that Raman will get fine. The family mourns for Raman’s biggest setback, which will leave him shattered. They don’t know how to break the news to Raman. Ishita tells them that she is Raman’s wife and has to tell them the shocking truth. The family worries that Raman won’t be able to bear this bitter truth. Ishita doesn’t want to give false hopes to Raman. Raman tells Ishita that he has lost all hopes. Ishita tries to instil courage in him.

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