Jiji Maa: New entry to create troubles for Suyash

Jiji Maa Leap: Suyash and Falguni's estranged relations

Jiji Maa: New entry to create troubles for Suyash… Suyash gets angry on P Sehgal. Falguni asks him to recollect if he has any enemies. He tells her that Uttara has been unfair to many people and maybe she had such enemies. Suyash tells her that he will meet P Sehgal and know the real matter behind the shocking incidents. He doesn’t want anyone to hurt his workers. She tells him that she will accompany him. She asks him not to be angry. Vidhaan and Niyati try to gain information about P Sehgal. They don’t get any information and inform Suyash that even Jayant is trying to solve this mystery. Suyash thanks Falguni for always supporting him. She tells him that they are strong because of their unity. They rush to the factory to see the workers. Police stops them at checkpost and finds drugs and liquor in Suyash’s car trunk.

Suyash tells inspector that he is innocent and someone is framing him. Falguni asks inspector to leave Suyash. Inspector arrests Suyash and seizes the drugs. Suyash tells Falguni that P Sehgal is responsible for this. She tries to know about their enemy. Suyash lands behind bars and gets interrogated.


He tells inspector that he has no idea about the drugs. Jayant and Vidhaan try to bail out Suyash. Inspector humiliates Jayant and his sons because of Uttara. He reminds how Uttara has broken all limits for the sake of money. He refuses to accept the bail and asks them to get evidence in Suyash’s favor. Falguni gets stressed about Suyash. Niyati pacifies her. Falguni gets the evidence of Suyash’s innocence. She tells Niyati that someone is playing a game with her. P Sehgal calls Falguni to meet her at home. Falguni asks Niyati to stay at home and look after the family. Falguni meets Piyali Sehgal and observes her psychotic side. She wonders why is she against the Rawats. She gets scared of Piyali. Falguni learns that Piyali has framed Suyash by purpose. She gets insulted by Falguni. She wants to know why is Piyali troubling Suyash. Piyali keeps her conditions to free Suyash.

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