Krishna Chali London: Krishna wins all by a blackmailing streak

Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna's help

Radhe questions Krishna over her return. He asks her why did she come back when he had ousted him. She tells him that Shukla has called her back. She doesn’t reveal about Shukla’s crimes to him, because of her deal with Shukla. She wants Shukla to give her freedom to live life the way she wants. Radhe opposes Krishna, since he doesn’t know about Shukla’s evil. She tells Radhe that she is his wife legally and has equal rights on his room and life. Radhe doesn’t want her back, since he is heartbroken. He tells her that Prashant is between them, and he can’t accept this. She tells him that Prashant isn’t between them. He doesn’t believe her. He gets hurting her heart and asks her to give him a husband’s right if she wants to be back home. She sheds tears and thanks him for letting her know that he has a devil in him. She scolds Radhe for his Raavan act.

Radhe tells her that he will not leave from the room. Krishna doesn’t deter and asks him not to act cheap. They have a fight for pillow and quilt. Radhe throws attitude at her. Krishna thinks she has to change Radhe as well. She recalls her promise to Shukla that she will win Radhe’s trust in two days. Bela gets stressed with Krishna’s return. She wonders why did Shukla join hands with Krishna.

Shukla dreams of Krishna revealing his crimes to his family, and everyone going against him and disrespecting him. He fears of losing his family because of Krishna. He doesn’t want his family to oppose him. Krishna’s threatening makes him scared. He loves Radhe and his family. He doesn’t want them to insult him. He takes Krishna seriously and wants to find a solution to settle scores with her. Bela asks Krishna how is she blackmailing Shukla. Krishna doesn’t reveal anything to Bela and asks her to mind her work. She doesn’t want Bela to pretend like respecting elders.

Krishna tells her that she respects everyone by heart. Radhe stays upset with Krishna. She gives him time to calm his mind. She gets insulting him for his cheap act. Radhe gets angry on her and thinks she just likes Prashant. Krishna brings a change in the house. She demands Shukla to accept the changes and blackmails him. The family gets surprised with Shukla’s changed behavior. Shukla’s wife falls down. She cries in pain. She refuses to take Krishna’s help. Krishna calls for a doctor. Shukla comes up with an idea. Krishna asks Shukla’s wife to take care of herself. Krishna asks Radhe to give her money for her needs. He refuses to give her money, but she takes it herself with all the rights of a wife. Radhe’s frustration gets high. Shukla plans the next move and sends his goons to kidnap Krishna.

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