YRKKH: Suwarna to witness Kartik’s selfless love for Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Raavan's entry raises curiosity

YRKKH: Suwarna to witness Kartik’s selfless love for Naira… Naira breaks down on seeing Kartik’s sorrowful apology. The blast occurs all of a sudden, before she could give him a reply. The impact shocks everyone. Kartik and Naira get together in such a shocking time, while the family doesn’t know about their whereabouts. Manish and Naitik get bit hurt and worry for each other. They get friendly because of the incident once again and look for their children. Lav and Kush get terrified and break their silence finally. They tell Goenkas about Kartik’s plan to meet Naira at the place which caught up the fire. The family gets a big shock knowing they both are in danger. Singhanias also learn about Kartik and Naira’s lives in danger. They try to get inside the place and save them. Kartik and Naira become each other’s support. Her state gets worse, while Kartik bears the troubles to protect her. He shouts for some help.

Naitik and Manish learn that the incident was of low impact and the people around are fine. They get grateful and want to know about their children. Kartik and Naira get a big shock seeing the danger reaching close to them. Another cylinder catches fire. They think they are going to meet their end and hug. The families hear the blast and get more scared for their children’s lives. Kartik desperately looks for Naira, who gets separated from him because of the second blast. Kartik rescues Naira and tries to take her out. Suwarna gets a panic attack, fearing that she has lost Kartik in the shocking blast. Kartik cries for help and rushes Naira out as soon as possible. He succeeds to reach the medical team and gets Naira treated, without caring for his life. Naira gains consciousness and worries for Kartik.

The families reach Kartik and Naira, and learn about their bad states because of the blast. Suwarna realizes Kartik and Naira’s love, which is still the same after separation. Suwarna prays for Kartik’s life and wishes he stays happy. She wants Kartik to stay in peace. Both the families sigh a relied with Kartik and Naira’s recovery. Naira tells them how Kartik has saved her life by shielding her. Singhanias get happy that they both are happy. They wish that Suwarna’s grudge towards Naira gets less. They don’t want Suwarna to blame Naira for this. Kartik and Naira miss each other and feel their presence. They recollect their meeting and try to talk to each other when the families are away. They yearn for each other. Kartik wants to know if Naira has forgiven him. Naira calls him for a meet. She reveals her decision, which leaves him stunned.


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