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Know Upcoming On Star… Papa By Chance:
Amrit wants to leave for office on time. Bela insists her to have breakfast and then go. Amrit apologizes to her. Rohan gets happy with Bela’s love and care for Amrit. Bela feeds food to Amrit. Amrit asks Bela to take rent from Yuvaan. Bela asks her not to run after Yuvaan for rent, its his house after all. Amrit and Rohan get together and make Bela against Yuvaan. Bela scolds Rohan and asks him not to instigate Amrit against Yuvaan. Amrit tells Bela that they need money for expenses, they should take rent from Yuvaan. Bela tortures Rohan to put a stop to Amrit’s anger. Amrit tells her that they have to fix the leaking roof. Bela agrees for the sake of the house. She tells them about Sucharita’s bad choice, Harman. She gets angry on Yuvaan’s mum for hurting Yuvaan so much. Bela sympathizes with Yuvaan. The kids reach there and steal the parathas, while Amrit is away. Bela feels the rats are stealing the parathas. Amrit and Bela aren’t aware of Yuvaan’s adopted children.

Yeh Rishta marks KaiRa’s confession, union and celebrations… Manish tells Suwarna that Kartik is resting in his room. She worries for Kartik and Naira too. Manish gets happy that she has a worry in heart about Naira too. She tells him that she has loved Naira before too, and somewhere in her heart, she wants Naira to be fine and happy. Manish asks Suwarna to talk to Kartik and try to end his annoyance. Suwarna goes to talk to Kartik and mend their terms like before. She apologizes to him. He tells her that they need to apologize to Naira. He knows she won’t talk to Naira, and thinks to meet Naira and apologize. Naira doesn’t know about Kartik’s welfare. Rajshri asks Naira not to hurry for everything. She asks her to restrain her feelings and not rush to meet Kartik, since this may hurt both the families. She asks Naira to have food and take rest.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Mohendar surrounds Lovely in a storm… Kulfi tells Tevar that she has gone to meet Sikandar once, but he has made him away. Tevar asks her not to go to Sikandar again, since Sikandar and his family don’t care for her. Lovely gets worried for Gunjan. Sikandar calls the doctor to get Gunjan treated. Lovely fears that Mohendar will break his silence and bring a storm in their lives. When Lovely sees police at home, she fears that Mohendar has called the police. Tevar wants to make Lovely and Sikandar pay a price for hurting Kulfi. Tevar calls Lovely to scold her, but she doesn’t answer. Kulfi stops Tevar from calling Sikandar. Inspector talks to Sikandar about David’s case.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi to sense Rajat’s strange ignorance.. Raman doesn’t want Ishita to help him. He asks her to limit her help so that he gets independent like before. He tells her that he wants to remain strong. She tells him that he has always been strong and will be always strong, even if he doesn’t accept his strengths, that’s their family and inner will. She asks him not to give up so easily. She motivates him further by reminding him his successful life before. Raman feels miserable when he fails to manage his work on his own. Raman asks Ishita not to come running to help all the time, since this is making him feel vulnerable mentally. He doesn’t want anyone to make him feel like a loser. She leaves him alone, knowing he won’t like her sympathy. He finds her present again and gets angry on her for making him feel handicapped even mentally.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla warns Krishna and asks her to better mend her ways. She tells him that she can risk everything to achieve her aims. She asks him to better be in his limits. She feels angered on his cheap act to put her in risk. Krishna gears up to bring change in family. Shukla’s wife doesn’t want to listen to Krishna, even if Shukla tells her. Krishna asks her to follow the diet she is preparing and also walk on the treadmill. Shukla’s wife asks Krishna why did she come back, when she didn’t wish to keep the marriage before. Krishna tells her that she didn’t wish to leave the house, she wasn’t helpless to come back and avoid divorce and dreams. She tells the family that its easy for her to fulfill her dreams by taking divorce from Radhe, but she has come back as she loves the family and also holds respect in heart. She asks them to show some belief in her. The family agrees to Krishna’s request.


Ishqbaaz: Omkara-Rudra join Shivika’s party plans… Nancy frames Shivay in front of Mohit and Anika. She presents Shivay in bad light. Shivay pleads to Mohit to believe him, since Nancy is the one who is making cheap demands. He tells Anika that he is innocent, while Nancy was troubling him since long. Anika shows her belief in Shivay, while Mohit tells them that he knows Nancy well and believes her. Nancy puts cheap blames on Shivay, which angers the family and Mohit too. Mohit reacts shocking and slaps Nancy in rage. He tells them that he knows his childhood friend Shivay well, and he knows for a fact that Nancy is wrong. He wants his wife to apologize to Shivay. Mohit apologizes to Shivay and Anika for his wife’s misdeed. He gets embarrassed. Nancy apologizes to Mohit. He asks her to pack her stuff, since they are leaving.

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