Yeh Rishta marks KaiRa’s confession, union and celebrations

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kaira Relation meets an end

Yeh Rishta marks KaiRa’s confession, union and celebrations… Manish tells Suwarna that Kartik is resting in his room. She worries for Kartik and Naira too. Manish gets happy that she has a worry in heart about Naira too. She tells him that she has loved Naira before too, and somewhere in her heart, she wants Naira to be fine and happy. Manish asks Suwarna to talk to Kartik and try to end his annoyance. Suwarna goes to talk to Kartik and mend their terms like before. She apologizes to him. He tells her that they need to apologize to Naira. He knows she won’t talk to Naira, and thinks to meet Naira and apologize. Naira doesn’t know about Kartik’s welfare. Rajshri asks Naira not to hurry for everything. She asks her to restrain her feelings and not rush to meet Kartik, since this may hurt both the families. She asks Naira to have food and take rest.

Kartik’s phone gets damaged. He fails to call Naira and gets restless. Naira contacts Lav and gives her message for Kartik. Kartik wants to know what Naira has on her mind. He worries that there is some problem. Kartik rushes to meet Naira. The families worry for Kartik and Naira’s safety and are grateful to Lord that their annoyances have settled down after this incident.

The families decide to forget whatever happened between them till now. Devyaani suggests Singhanias to maintain distance with Goenkas and not get into any quarrel. Lav and Kush wish that both the families get together again Kartik worries that Naira may decide to get away from him, which he can’t afford. Naira gets into a dilemma over forgiving Kartik. Naitik worries for Naira. He feels strange about Kartik and Naira’s relation. Suwarna fears that Kartik is going close to Naira once again.

Kartik finally meets Naira, and gets worried by the delay. When she reaches there, he hurriedly asks her what did she wish to talk to him. She tells him that she has thought well about his apology, but she isn’t convinced yet. She tells him that she may not be able to forgive him, which breaks his heart. She stops him and confesses love to him, which surprises him. She tells him that she doesn’t need to forgive him, since she is sorry and regretting a lot for hiding Shubham’s matter from him. She tells him that he was never wrong, it was just her mistake that she couldn’t mend their relationship. He gets amazed by her romantic surprise. Their emotional moment connects them once again.

Naira tells him that she must have realized her mistakes, his anger was justified, it was also her ego that she kept the distance and misjudged him. She tells him that they both are equally at fault, their love failed because of a misunderstanding.

They both sheds tears thinking over their mistakes. They want to rectify their mistakes. She tells them that she should have been with him and Suwarna in such a sorrowful time, but she didn’t return home because of her ego and stubbornness. She feels sorry to not understand him well.

Kartik gets dose of her huge apologies, like he expressed his feelings to her a day before. She tells him that he shouldn’t feel guilty that their relation broke. She deeply regrets that she has asked him for divorced and insulted their love, while hurting the family’s heart. She tells him that she didn’t wish for their divorce and was wanting him to withdraw the case first. They get happy to be together again. Families learn that Kartik and Naira have gone out, and get a hint that they are together.

Kartik forgives Naira, and calms her tensions and pain. He tells her that it was his mistake, its not her mistake. They both argue to get the mistake in their share. He tells her that she is his love and will always be. Kartik and Naira make a love confession and unite happily, irrespective of the family tensions and divorce. They celebrate their union and stay happy. They make love vows that they will always be together. Manish and Akhilesh look for Kartik, and get a huge shock on finding him with Naira.

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