Ishq Mein Marjawa’s new mystery: Deep plots to kill his enemy

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep falls in a financial crisis

Ishq Mein Marjawa’s new mystery: Deep plots to kill his enemy… Deep plans to kill someone. Tara gets a big shock with Deep’s new plotting. She doesn’t stop him and instead supports him. Aarohi keeps an eye on him. Deep and Aarohi’s revenge isn’t settling. Deep makes a call to someone. Aarohi overhears his conversation. She wishes to hurt Deep so that he admits about her parents. She feels he is a devil and will never understand her pain. She wants to know some weakness of Deep, by which she can blackmail him. She knows Deep is just after Anjali’s money. She hates Deep even more. She thinks Deep is happy with her pain. Tara doesn’t want Aarohi to know the truth. Deep gets a letter and learns a big truth. Deep breaks into tears. He covers up his sorrow. Aarohi wants to know what is Deep up to. She thinks if Deep is going to kill her parents.

Aarohi goes to do Ganpati puja, but Tara stops her, saying she isn’t a family member. There is again a big drama. Tara insults Aarohi and makes her away from Deep. She is jealous about Deep and Aarohi’s closeness.

Aarohi gets away. Deep does the puja with Tara. Aarohi gets depressed. Aarohi and Tara leave from Ganpati puja. Tara follows Aarohi. They have a fight as well. Tara gets a sword and stops Aarohi. She gets threatening Aarohi. Aarohi doesn’t get scared. Tara throws a sword to her and challenges her for a sword fight. Aarohi takes the challenge. They both try to win by killing their enemy. Whom does Deep want to kill? Keep reading.

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