Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Mandira to plot Bulbul’s miscarriage

Bulbul to alert Mandira of new threat

Bulbul gets a nightmare. She tells Sadhna about her worries regarding the baby. Sadhna and Gayatri console Bulbul. Mandira overhears them. She gets jealous and upset that Bulbul is getting all the love. Bulbul shows a big heart and asks them to accept Mandira. Mandira gets emotional by Bulbul’s kindness. She apologizes to Bulbul. She acts innocent and tells them that she has realized her mistakes. Gayatri feels Bulbul is making a big mistake to trust Mandira. Mandira returns to her evil games once again. Vijay and his family keep an eye on her. They don’t want Mandira to hurt Bulbul or anyone else.

Bulbul and Vasu try to find some way to get rid of Mandira. Mandira gets papaya juice for Bulbul. Gayatri stops Bulbul from having it and suspects that Mandira has poisoned the juice to kill Bulbul’s baby. She makes Mandira drink the juice. Mandira proves herself by drinking the papaya juice. She fears for her own miscarriage and rushes out. Mandira really wants to kill Bulbul’s child. She just wants to win Vijay by giving her the heir.


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