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TR’s Quick Reads… Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: There is double happiness in Singhania house. The affection between the families return, because of Kirti’s good news. They celebrate Teej and also congratulate Kirti. Naira gets the toys for everyone and asks them to welcome the coming baby. Kartik and Naksh play dhol and begin the celebrations. Naira sings for Kirti, along with the family. Kirti gets blessings from one and all. Naksh and Naira dream of their coming baby and turn happy. Kartik and Naira want to tell families about their relation. Its not easy for them as they expect. Suwarna opposes them as always, but Kartik doesn’t lose hope.

Anusuya breaths her last. Porus loses his mother. Anusuya’s final rites get conducted. Porus gives her the last tribute and bids farewell to her. It gets tough for Porus, but he realize his mother’s amazing journey as a warrior queen.


Mauli learns about Kunal and Nandini’s affair and ends her friendship with Nandini. She breaks all ties with her friend. She makes Nandini out of their lives. Kunal has cheated Mauli and taken advantage of her blind love. Kunal feels his relationship with Nandini is pure, and isn’t regretting about it. Mauli tries to shame him and make him see the harsh truth.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul gets a nightmare. She tells Sadhna about her worries regarding the baby. Sadhna and Gayatri console Bulbul. Mandira overhears them. She gets jealous and upset that Bulbul is getting all the love. Bulbul shows a big heart and asks them to accept Mandira. Mandira gets emotional by Bulbul’s kindness. She apologizes to Bulbul. She acts innocent and tells them that she has realized her mistakes. Gayatri feels Bulbul is making a big mistake to trust Mandira. Mandira returns to her evil games once again. Vijay and his family keep an eye on her. They don’t want Mandira to hurt Bulbul or anyone else.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara visit a corn stall. They rejoice their union. They spend some time away from home. Their sweet moments will be seen. Their friends Imran and Reema also join them. Reema plans a wonderful surprise for Zara. Imran sings a romantic sing and asks Kabeer and Zara to perform. Zara dances cheerfully. She gives a rose to Kabeer and proposes her. Kabeer gets glad and asks Zara to always keep smiling.


Chakor manages to save Anjor from Imli. She confronts Imli for trying to kill Anjor. Imli accepts that she has tried to kill Anjor, as she hates Chakor and Anjor. She reveals that Saanvi is alive and she has just mocked Saanvi’s death to separate Chakor and Suraj. She has stained Chakor as Saanvi’s killer and broken Suraj’s heart. Imli admits her crimes and faces Chakor’s wrath. Chakor loses her cool and wants to know about Saanvi. Imli doesn’t tell her that Anjor is Saanvi. She pushes Chakor down the cliff. Chakor gets injured and falls into the lake. She gets saved by people and rushes to hospital, where Suraj spots her. Suraj and Anjor get a huge shock seeing Chakor in a critical state.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam and Jibraan make an innocently cute card for Majaaz and try to send it to him. They don’t realize about the blueprints captured. Farhaan learns about the kids’ mischief. Before he could stop them, he learns that the letter is sent to Majaaz. He faces tortures by his chief, who fears that Majaaz will realize their planning and fail them. Mariam wants to know why Farhaan had her dad’s picture with him. Farhaan assures the chief that Mariam will execute their plan. Farhaan befriends Mariam with evil intentions.

Kundali Bhagya:
Sarla warns Prithvi and asks him to leave from their lives. Sarla ends Preeta and Prithvi’s alliance shockingly. She tells Prithvi that he shouldn’t try to call them or contact them by any mode. She instructs him to delete their phone numbers as well. Sarla turns rude towards Prithvi, which shocks him a lot. Even Preeta and Shrishti get surprised.

Savitri Devi:
Gayatri kidnaps Kabir. She sends divorce papers from Kabir’s side to Sanchi. She also gets Kabir’s shares by forcing him to sign on legal papers. Gayatri thinks she has won everything. Everyone tries to start life afresh. The family fines together. Gayatri makes excuses and stops Savitri from going to her room. Gayatri tells Anand gets ready to go to the hospital, unaware that Naintara is waiting for him. Naintara wants to kill Sanchi first, so that Sanchi doesn’t create problems in her motives to kill Malhotras.

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