High Five Spoilers

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

High Five Spoilers… Muskaan:
There will be a generation leap in the show soon. Muskaan grows up into a beautiful girl. Muskaan is allowed to attend college. She receives hatred from Aarti. Muskaan gets fake support from Tabassum. Muskaan gets ragged on the first day of college. She meets a cool dude Ronak. He troubles Muskaan. Ronak is aggressive, but a nice person at heart. Muskaan is seen as a low confident girl. Ronak will befriend Muskaan.

Preeto is in big dilemma as she failed to find her son. Preeto loses her mental balance. Harak tries to control her and ties her with ropes. Harak cries seeing Preeto’s state. Lameet traps Harman and lies that she has met his parents. She makes fake promises to him. He gets hopeful that he will meet his parents and also learn his past. Kushal scolds Harman. Harman has made Soumya away from hospital. He has put her in danger, and saved her too. Harman wants to return to his family.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika begins finding her child. She wants to battle for her motherhood. Deepak worries on seeing her. Vedika gets happy to know that her child is alive. She thanks Bhoomi for giving a big sacrifice and marrying Sahil, knowing he doesn’t love her. Bhoomi has been giving love to Vedika’s child. Vedika feels incomplete without her child. Badi Amma gets exposed. Sahil makes Badi Amma out of his life. Vedika visits the hospital and takes doctor’s help to check few old records. She wants to find her child any way. She gets an important clue. Vedika will soon learn about Ved’s truth. Arya finds Vedika breaking down and lends her support.

YRKKH: KaiRa’s relationship to get an ‘unanswerable tag’ … Kartik and Naira prepare to tell the families about their relationship. Rajshri gets worried for them. Kartik is very excited for his life’s second innings. He expresses his happiness to Naira. Kartik and Naira are in love again and fill colors in their life. Rajshri supports their love story. She feels the families should forgive them, as they want to rectify their mistake of getting divorced. Naira gives everyone a balloon challenge and asks them to make cute babies. Kirti gets good surprise seeing the balloon babies. Kirti and Naksh are in happy zone of achieving parenthood. Naksh tells Kirti that the families won’t have any clash from now on, as Kartik and Naira’s matter has resolved.

Roop gives a love test for Ishika. Ishika has kept this condition in front of Roop to see his strength. Ishika says you look mentally strong, but have to prove if you are physically strong. Roop takes her challenge. Roop gets into a fight with Sandy to show Ishika what he is capable of. Roop wins the fight. Sandy gets threatening Palak. Roop saves Palak’s life. Roop can’t see his best friend in trouble. Sandy isn’t able to accept his defeat. Sandy shoots at Roop in anger, but Ishika comes in between to save Roop. Ranvir intervenes and stops Sandy. He takes Sandy away.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Akshat proposes Guddan for marriage. His mother and Bahus also wish Guddan to accept Akshat’s marriage proposal. The Bahus want a Saas at any cost. They request Guddan to agree at least for their sake. Akshat gets high hopes that Guddan will accept his proposal, since he is super rich. But, Guddan rejects his proposal and shocks him. She insults Akshat. He faces a rejection and takes it seriously. He gets interested to know Guddan.


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