Krishna Chali London (PicFiction): Radhe turns clever to protect his love story

Krishna Chali London Shocking Radhe to die in an accident

Krishna Chali London: Radhe turns clever to protect his love story… Lali gets upset that she isn’t going to Mumbai. Krishna tells her that Radhe is still trying to plan her trip. Bela doesn’t want Radhe and Krishna to go on honeymoon. Saajan asks Bela not to intervene in other’s matters. Radhe and Krishna gets permitted to go to Mumbai. Bela gets jealous with their happiness. Krishna asks Radhe why didn’t he talk about Gajanan and Lali. She scolds Radhe. Saajan calls Shukla and tricks him. He lies about the railway work tender and asks him to send his eldest son Gajanan for help. Shukla agrees to send Gajanan. Saajan convinces Shukla. Shukla gets deceived. He asks Gajanan to pack his bags and go with his wife on a work trip. Krishna asks Saajan what is he doing. Radhe explains Saajan’s plan. He tells her that Saajan has done this to send Lali and Gajanan to Mumbai by lying to Shukla.

Krishna doesn’t want them to lie for anything. Radhe tells her that they will go along Lali and Gajanan. Krishna meets Shukla and gives him bitter juice and diet food. She asks him to focus on his health. She tells him that she has won in winning Radhe’s trust and heart. She reminds her challenge. She warns him against losing his control on the family. Shukla also gears up to defeat her. Bela gets upset that she couldn’t go anywhere with Triloki. Prashant manages to escape from the godown. He tries to call Krishna. Shukla tells Bela that he has a plan and wants to meet her dad. Bela doubts that Shukla is still against Krishna. He reveals that he wants to throw Krishna out of the house.

He asks Bela to help him. He warns her against using her mind much. Radhe’s mum gets emotional and sends children on trips. Radhe and Krishna leave for the airport. Prashant spots them on the way and tries to meet Krishna. He learns that Krishna is going to the airport. Prashant follows Krishna. Krishna and Radhe hide their plan from Gajanan. Lali gets happy with the surprise. Prashant reaches the airport to meet Krishna and stop her in time. Radhe turns clever and blocks Prashant from meeting Krishna.

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