Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa’s new share of sorrow and troubles

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa's love conquers all odds

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa’s new share of sorrow and troubles… Raman tells the media that Rajat isn’t any kind hearted doctor, but a scheming man, who knows to cover up his mistakes by using his contacts. He tells about Rajat’s alcohol addiction. He reveals that Rajat is taking therapy sessions to deal with his addiction. Rajat admits that he is undergoing a therapy, but he is fit to perform surgeries. He tells the media that he is committed to his job, he didn’t do any error in any surgery. Rajat gets a clean chit. The media sympathizes with him. Simmi loses her cool and scolds Rajat. She throws Rajat out of the house. Rajat proves that he is a righteous person. Raman and Ishita face trouble. They fail to prove anything against Rajat. Ishita wants to fight for justice. Raman gets depressed.

Ishita talks to the doctor to find some solution. Mani asks the doctor to help them, so that people have belief in medical angels like them. The doctor agrees to help them. Ishita gets grateful. She has a hope that Raman will get justice. Ishita, Mani and Raman reach the hospital to meet Rajat again.

Rajat behaves well with them to show the people. Ishita understands his tricks. Ishita calls the media to expose Rajat. The doctor confirms about Rajat’s surgical error, which is the cause of Raman’s paralysis. They provide the evidence of Raman’s wrong surgery. Rajat accepts that the doctor’s findings are right. He tells them that the evidence is wrong. He turns the tables once again. He gets the wrong documents to support him. He tells the media that Raman could have not survived if he didn’t perform his surgery. Ishita calls him a liar.

Rajat saves his hospital’s name and messages Sudha that he has handled the matter. Ishita tells the media that Rajat is covering him his fault by changing the system files of Raman’s case. She knows that Rajat is dangerous.

Rajat tells them that he didn’t change any computer entry, he wasn’t prepared to face their sudden coming. He asks the media not to bother him again. He requests Raman and Ishita to please leave and stop making stories. Mani asks the doctor why is he stepping back. The doctor starts believing in Rajat and apologizes to Mani. He refuses to help Raman. Raman doesn’t stop and tells Rajat that he will not spare him. He wants to still fight and get Rajat punished. Ishita wants Rajat to be exposed.

Rajat sympathizes with them. Ishita finds him dramatic. Sudha learns the matter and gets angry about Rajat’s insult. She sends some men to tease Ishita and Raman, to teach them a lesson. Ishita takes Raman out of the hospital. They face hurdles when their car breaks down. Some men misbehave with Ishita. Raman gets troubled by the sight. He feels helpless once again. The men make fun of Raman’s paralytic state and insult him.


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