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Tonight On Star Plus… Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Plotting, drama and a shocking murder attempt… Raman and Ishita try to save themselves from the goons. Rajat spots them and tries to rush to save Raman from the goons. His assistant stops him and tells him that Sudha is behind all this, she wanted to teach Raman and Ishita a lesson. Sudha asks Rajat to focus on his work, she has managed Raman and Ishita since the hospital reputation is at stake. She doesn’t want anyone to ruin her hospital name. Rajat tells her that its wrong to get Raman harassed by the goons. He feels its bad that goons are beating Raman. She tells him that Raman will not get in between their matters again. Bala reaches Raman and Ishita to rescue them. Raman and Ishita return home and tell the family whatever happened. They feel ashamed of Rajat, who is troubling them so much.

Yeh Rishta’s next twist: Kartik’s relocation to break up KaiRa… Dadi and the families ask Kartik and Naira about their decision to reunite. Kartik and Naira beg them to understand their situation. Naksh and Kirti scold them for making everyone mad and hurting their sentiments so much. Kirti gets annoyed that Kartik and Naira ruined the harmony between the families. Naksh asks Naira why didn’t she tell her decision to him. Naira tells them that she was confused and took the divorce. Manish believes that their love can’t survive again, their relationship won’t happen. The families blast their anger on them. They lose belief in Kartik and Naira’s sensibility and decision making skills. They feel Kartik and Naira are still confused and just got crazy to reunite. They don’t want to support the lovers.

Ishqbaaz: Nancy’s murder mystery begins to unveil… Mohit blames Shivay for Nancy’s murder. The entire family stands by Shivay. Shivay tells Mohit that he didn’t do anything. Mohit vents out his frustration and asks Shivay why did he cheat their friendship this way. Omkara and Rudra protect Shivay. They tell Mohit that Shivay can never do this. They stop Mohit from accusing Shivay. Mohit tells them that Shivay has really killed Nancy. He asks them to get the real culprit in front of him, if they have so much faith in Shivay. Anika defends Shivay. She tells Mohit that Shivay can never do such crime. Mohit tells her that Shivay would have misbehaved with Nancy. He tells them that Shivay had a clear motive behind the murder. Bhavya takes the murder case. Mohit asks her to arrest Shivay. Rudra expects Bhavya to believe Shivay and not be too stern.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar throws a huge challenge at Tevar… Kulfi gets excited to spend time with Sikandar and celebrate the festive with him. She tells him that Tevar is doing a lot for her. He asks her to show him the new dress Tevar got for her. He tries to get Nimrat’s potli so that he can get the locket from it. Kulfi gets the dresses and asks his choice. He tells her that she will look a fairy in any dress. He feels sorry to steal the locket and lie to Kulfi. He gets a clue when he finds Tevar’s old picture when he wasn’t a superstar. He realizes that Mohendar is saying the truth, Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s father. Sikandar understands that someone else has put Tevar’s picture in the locket. He doubts if Tevar is lying, or if Tevar is also mistaken about Kulfi.

Krishna’s London Dreams to take a backseat… Krishna and Radhe try to convince Gajanan to accompany them to Mumbai. They want Lali and Gajanan to celebrate their anniversary. Gajanan gets tricked by them. Radhe tells him that they have planned the Mumbai trip and lied to Shukla. Gajanan gets angry and returns the tickets. Lali asks Krishna not to compel Gajanan. Krishna asks Gajanan to think of Lali’s wishes some times. She reminds him the duties of a husband. She asks Lali not to be scared of Gajanan. She tells Gajanan that Lali loves him a lot and has been tolerating everything silently just with a hope that he will change some day. She reveals how Lali took the police complaint back and felt his pain. She wants Gajanan to realize his mistakes and rectify. Lali asks Krishna not to say anything further. Krishna speaks boldly like always. She wants to see Lali happy. She tells him that only he can give happiness to Lali.

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