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TR’s Quick Reads.. Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer packs his bags for visiting Dubai to save Ruksar. Zara gives him Zeenat’s passport and tells him that Zeenat will come along with him. Kabeer books tickets for Zeenat as well. Zeenat loves her sister Ruksar as her child. She wants to save Ruksar any how. Kabeer checks Zeenat’s passport and tells her that her passport has expired, she can’t accompany him. Zeenat regrets that she couldn’t reach her sister. Zeenat wants to fight for Ruksar. Kabeer wants to keep his friendship towards Ruksar. Zara makes prayers for Ruksar’s safety. Zara has no idea about Ruksar’s evil plotting. Ruksar will be making a comeback to ruin Kabeer and Zara’s relation.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Bulbul gets caught in fire. A goon has lit fire in the kitchen, while Bulbul is busy cooking. Bulbul gets see the massive fire and shouts to family for help. The family reaches there and sees Bulbul in fire. They try hard to save Bulbul. Bulbul gets rescued. The family doubts on Mandira. Mandira denies the blames and tells everyone that she didn’t harm Bulbul. The family wonders who is Bulbul’s new enemy. They wait for Vijay’s return home. They are unaware of Vijay’s kidnapping.


Jija Ji Chhat Par Hai:
Pancham falls in new problem. A scary thief enters the house. Pancham encounters the scary person and gets a huge shock. The thief tries to rob the house. He goes to Ilaychi’s room. Pancham stops him from stealing anything and shouts to Murari. He tells them about the thief. Murari beats the thief and asks what did he steal. The thief tells them that he didn’t steal anything. Karuna taunts Murari and defends her brother. The thief tells them that Chatanki is his Guru ji. Ilaychi gets impressed with Pancham for having a heroic entry and saving them. Murari also praises Pancham for his bravery. Ilaychi tells Murari that Pancham ensures their security all the time. Murari asks her how does she know this, does she follow Pancham. Ilaychi tells him that she is a responsible citizen. Pancham gets the thief arrested. The thief vows to trouble him.

Udaan: Imli to get arrested; SuKor to plan Saanvi’s homecoming… Imli had kidnapped her parents and Anjor’s parents. Imli tells Chakor how she has made Saanvi her bandhua Anjor, and kept her away from her real parents Suraj and Chakor. She says I wanted you all to cry, I have mocked Saanvi’s death and gave her a new identity of Anjor, I have handed over Anjor to Keshu and Sugna, I have asked them to torture Anjor so that Anjor’s hates her life. She tells that Keshu has tortured Anjor a lot, and whenever I got this news, I got much peace knowing her pain. She boasts of her crimes to Chakor. She tells Chakor that she has given away Anjor to a poor couple and succeeded to separate Chakor and Suraj. Chakor breaks down knowing how Saanvi suffered in her life because of Imli.

Jiji Maa:
Niyati creates a big issue finding her clothes dumped away. She asks Piyali not to cross her limits. She asks if she knows the value of her dresses, its precious for her and none can replace it. She gets emotional and hugs her dresses. She explains her the meaning of relations. She tells Piyali that she can never understand relations, she can never become their sister, she just cares for money. She tells Piyali that Lord has done right to snatch family from her. Piyali cries on hearing such taunts. The family witnesses the drama. Piyali wanted to break Falguni and Niyati’s relation. Falguni’s slap breaks Niyati’s heart. Piyali thinks Falguni and Niyati will get distant after this slap incident. Piyali hates Falguni, but wants Niyati to accept her as Jiji Maa. She threatens to ruin the family if Niyati doesn’t accept her.

A guy Vinay enters Ishika’s family. He is going to marry Ishika’s cousin Poorvi. He meets Ishika and introduces himself. She asks him how did he enter her room without knocking. He tells her that he has come to hold her hand and read her fate lines to tell the problem, since the family told him that her marriage isn’t happening. He gets flirting with her. She asks him to leave her hand. Ishika slaps him. She asks him to get out, else she will call everyone to expose him. Vijay misbehaves with her. He tells her that she can’t do anything, she can call police as well, but she won’t have any proof against him.

He says people will doubt on you and not believe you. Poorvi comes to see Ishika. Before Ishika could say anything, Vinay lies to Poorvi that Ishika is flirting with him and proposing for marriage. He makes a wrong story and tells Poorvi how Ishika has fallen low. Ishika asks him to stop nonsense. She tells the family that Vinay was misbehaving with her. Vinay knows Poorvi will believe him. Vinay puts all the blame on Ishika. Ishika gets targeted by his lies.

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