TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers: YHM and more…

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

YHM/Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Dr. Sudha Choudhary brings a new storm in Raman and Ishita’s lives. She first gets them trapped in the fire, and makes them feel more helpless. She wants Raman to realize that he is disabled to do anything, espcially to clash with medical fraternity titans like her. Sudha asks Rajat not to pity Raman and Ishita, who are finding ways to awaken his guilt and expose his surgical faults. Sudha is very particular about her hospital’s reputation. She doesn’t want anyone to tarnish her big business. Raman and Ishita try hard to get saved from the far spread out fire. Raman doesn’t succeed to get up from his wheelchair. Ishita worries for their lives. Sudha comes to their rescue and saves them from the fire. Sudha aims to ruin their lives by igniting fire in their happiness and peace. Sudha keeps a strong positive image in front of them, only to back stab them.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Rihaan shot down; Mahira breaks into tears… Police suspects on Rihaan, after Rifat plants false evidences against Rihaan. Rihaan turns helpless when he gets ousted from his house and also from Mahira’s family. He looks for a shelter. He goes to talk to Mahira once. Rihaan is in love with Mahira and shows his selflessness by silently accepting the punishment from her family. Rihaan is hopeful that Zain will understand him. Zain also loves Mahira unconditionally. Mahira turns into Zain’s friend when he accepts her love story with a big heart. She sympathizes with Zain. Zain doesn’t want Rifat to do anything wrong.


Kunal and Nandini’s relationship truth gets revealed to her. Kunal gets ousted from his house. His family disowns him and chooses to support their perfect bahu Mauli. Kunal regrets to lose Mauli and his family suddenly. He goes to stay with Nandini at her house. Kunal and Rajdeep get into a fight. Kunal gets injured. Nandini takes Kunal home. Mauli finds him hurt and cries for him. She recollects their happy moments and then Kunal’s cheat. Mauli will take a big decision. Yamini gets angry on Nandini, after seeing Mauli in pain. She can’t accept Kunal’s affair. When Yamini finds Nandini outside the house, she gets angry and stops Nandini from meeting Mauli.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep looks for his mother. He suspects that Aarohi has hidden his mother. He hears some sound from a locked room and enters there with much difficulty. He finds his Maasi captive and gets a big shock. He frees Maasi and asks her who has kidnapped her. Maasi names Aarohi behind the act. Deep gets angered on Aarohi. Aarohi keeps an eye on them and becomes suspicious of Deep.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira arranges a magic show at home. Everyone enjoys the baby shower party with children. Bulbul gets happy playing games with the children. Mandira bribes the magician. Bulbul becomes part of the magical trick and disappears. Mandira wants to kidnap Bulbul. The family looks for Bulbul and wonder where did she go. Mandira wants to kill Bulbul’s baby by planning an accident. Bulbul gets saved and returns in the party, shocking Mandira. Mandira’s plan fails once again.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Badi Amma takes advantage of everyone’s absence at home. She takes Ved with her. She tries to kill Ved. Vedika finds Badi Amma up to some crimes and rushes to stop her from stabbing Ved. Vedika confronts Badi Amma for her evil. Badi Amma vents out her frustration and tells her why she has kept Ved away from Vedika. She wants Sahil and Bhoomi to unite. She expresses her hatred for Vedika. Vedika can’t believe it. Badi Amma tortures Vedika.

Udaan: Chakor and Imli to strike a never-before deal… Chakor doesn’t scare Imli with a spirit drama, and instead reveals that she is alive. She explains Imli how she has tricked everyone into believing her dead. Chakor tells Imli that she has survived just to know about her daughter Saanvi. Saanvi’s existence news gives new hopes to Chakor. She also wants to end the sorrow in Suraj’s life which was caused by Saanvi’s loss. She wants to bring Saanvi in front of the family by exposing Imli’s crimes. Chakor scares Imli for her life. She asks Imli to reveal about Saanvi, if she wants her life. Imli doesn’t fear to die. Chakor gets threatening her further. She then tries to strike a deal with Imli.

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